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Faith-filled Fear: “Immaculate” Entertains Religious Horror Fans

By Alexa Garrett, Staff Writer

Rising actress Sydney Sweeney stars in a jaw-dropping, alluring new horror film, “Immaculate.” The film was released on March 22, 2024, and many fans of Sweeney were eager to watch it. Not only does “Immaculate” have fitting actors, but it also has many unique traits that complete the original work. 

The opening scene is of a young woman trying to escape a religious convent. After the audience is left shocked by what occurs, the film fast-forwards to the present day, where Sweeney’s character, Cecilia, is introduced. She is preparing to dedicate her entire life to Christ. 

  An old romantic convent situated in the Italian countryside presents the perfect cover-up for sinister secrets. It is a beautiful gray stone structure built directly on top of Roman catacombs. 

Cecilia gets the call to become a nun at a very young age. She has a near-death experience that convinces her to follow a greater purpose in life. After her parish in the United States closes, she receives an invitation to serve sick and dying nuns. 

The plot pivots when Cecilia first arrives at the convent. As soon as the gates are unlocked and opened for Cecilia, the viewer knows that there’s something ominous in the air. 

The production throws hints at the audience throughout the film, creating uneasy and unsettled characters to add intrigue. One rebellious character, Sister Gwen, smokes occasionally throughout the film. There is even a scene where one nun decides to jump off a balcony in the convent. The attention of this film is drawn to the unhealthy treatment the nuns face. It is in this brutality that the audience feels a sense of horror. 

When the main antagonist, Father Sal Tedeschi, attempts to ruin Cecilia’s healthy lifestyle, Cecilia presents a theme of self-sufficiency and feminism to the audience. Not only does she turn against her moral code to escape the convent, but she does it alone. Cecilia transitions herself from a very soft-spoken, delicate young adult, to someone fiercely independent and ready to fight back. 

The Italian actress Dora Romano also plays a notable role in “Immaculate” as “Mother Superior.” She portrays a wise and strict woman who assists in managing the evil operation. 

Photo Credit: Empire Magazine

In the end, a sickening observation is made by Cecilia, and the audience finally uncovers what Father Sal Tedeschi had in store the entire time. “Immaculate” made me sit at the edge of my seat the entire film. It creates a riveting twist and it has a far different plot than many typically satanic-styled horror movies. Fans are looking forward to what Sweeney can produce in terms of horror movies in the future. 

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