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The Spring 2024 Semester Begins at Post

Last updated on Apr 29, 2024

By Lauren Ritirato, Staff Writer

The Spring 2024 Semester at Post is now in full swing. After the excitement of the holiday season and a month-long hiatus from classes, the campus is yet again filled with learning, laughs and making new memories. 

Sophomore English writing major Anna Frost is enthusiastic about starting the spring semester, though she feels it is bittersweet.

“Yeah, I get excited to get back going into the swing of things and all the different events and activities, but I do miss my family because I live on campus, so that’s always a big adjustment, “Frost said. “But other than that, I look forward to seeing my friends again and being involved.”

With the beginning of a new semester come new professors, subjects and challenges. College proves to be challenging with classes being a clean slate every four months. New classes introduce new peers and adjustments to one’s routine. 

Frost starts her semester strong by laying out her schedule and actively participating in campus activities. 

“I usually put my classes out in my planner and look at my schedule a few times before jumping into the semester,” she explained.

For many students like John Houston, a senior business management major, the start of a new semester is an opportunity for growth and transition.

“I enjoy my time away from campus, but by the time break is over, I’m usually ready to come back,” Houston said. “I’ve never had much of a problem adjusting to a new schedule. I usually get accustomed to my new schedule/classes on the first day by reading the syllabus and getting a feel for the amount of work expected.”

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Aside from tackling schoolwork and managing classes, students are excited to be involved in organized events on campus. For Frost, involvement in campus organizations like the Newman Catholic Club and anticipation for upcoming events like movie nights are exciting. 

“I’m looking forward to all the events we are doing in Newman Club,” Frost said. “We also have a movie night coming up on Feb. 7. It’s going to be a surprise, to be determined and it will be at 8pm.”

Despite the business of events and classes, Frost explains the relatable struggle of balancing studies and striving to stay on top of coursework while engaging in extracurricular activities. 

“For the most part, I have adapted to my classes. It’s been busy with events and activities so I’ve fallen a little bit behind but I’m still getting everything in on time,” Frost admitted, highlighting the planning and balance that defines the college experience.

Houston reflected on his final semester as a senior and is hopeful for the future. 

“Something I’m looking forward to this semester is graduating. I’m somehow more excited than I’ve ever been to be thrown into the ‘real world,’” he shared. 

Graduation will be the completion of Houtson’s studies and a step into the freedom he is excited to experience. 

As the semester progresses and the Spring festivities commence at Post, students like Frost and Houston eagerly anticipate and await the opportunities for personal and academic growth, while making more timeless memories with friends and peers. 

Getting involved on campus is more than just attending classes, it is also about engaging within the Post campus community. There are a few resources and ways to stay connected and get involved with campus events. This includes following your favorite campus organizations and clubs on social media, following the Promise office on Instagram and checking your MyLIU email weekly for a calendar of events that will be happening soon. 

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