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Letter from the Editor

Dear students, faculty and campus community,

Welcome back to the beautiful Long Island University Post Campus. Us here at the Tide are very excited to see you all.

As we return to campus for a normal school year, the world around us can seem as if it is anything but normal. We have watched countless tragedies and episodes of violence unfold across every corner of the world, and we can begin to feel overwhelmed and discouraged for our futures. This feeling can conflict with our excitement for the world that awaits us after college. These emotions can be exacerbated further by the extremely divided climate we find ourselves in in America today.

One of the things I learned in my first journalism class as a freshman at LIU was to report on fact based material only. Many of us know that the importance of following facts in journalism is crucial, but as I have progressed and grown throughout my college years, I have seen the need for journalism to be balanced and fair, as well as fact based. We find ourselves at a time where we can assume someone’s social and political views based on what news sources they follow, and draw conclusions about someone we don’t know much about simply because of the labels we attach to one another. This unbalanced journalism, on both sides, that bends facts to push one political agenda is further dividing our country, and separating us from our common interests. 

I have a different vision for the Tide. I, along with my fellow editors, hope to make this year one of fun and community building among students. We will strive to make our publication display the various opinions held by the student body through an increase in opinion pieces and personal essays, as well as our regular news stories. I ask every one of you to pick up each copy of the Tide with an open mind, and try to understand how each person’s culture and past experiences have shaped their world view. Most importantly, I hope everyone can respect opinions different from theirs, and respect people who have different lifestyles. We don’t have to be best friends with one another, but I believe that we need to work on respecting how others wish to live their lives and see the world, while still fighting for what we believe in. The first step to this is listening to one another with an open mind, and subsequently collaborating with one another in areas where we hold similar opinions.

I hope that the Tide will be a place where each student can feel free to share their opinions on the various issues we face without intimidation or fear. I also hope this paper will be a place where we can all learn about different opinions and open our minds to differing perspectives on education, cultures and life. I hope that our work here can contribute to building a future where journalism is not liberal or conservative, but instead is unbiased, balanced and trustworthy.

Thank you for reading the Tide!


Alexander Mousa, Editor-In-Chief

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