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Senior Feature: Brady Campbell

By Joe Frescott, Sports Editor

Sporting the jersey of one of his favorite teams, the six-foot, freckled ginger stares through the glasses he has worn since elementary school as he makes his way out of campus to a familiar destination, the Benjamin Abrams Communication Center.

Having a reserved and quiet demeanor on the surface, Campbell keeps to himself in most instances, like the one described above. That is until sports get involved.

“Growing up I played all sports: soccer for a year or two, flag football, baseball, dek hockey, basketball and lacrosse, which was my main sport. It was the sport my dad played here at LIU, back when it was the Pioneers,” Campbell said “I’m a bit of a nerd too, I loved superheroes and Star Wars” 

Campbell has called Long Island his home his entire life, hailing from Hauppauge. The oldest of two, he shares a special bond with his youngest brother, Jack, despite the five-year difference separating the two. 

“For the most part, it’s great. There are the times when the younger brother gets the benefit of the doubt, but we have a great relationship. I remember going to the hospital to see him for the first time which was really cool… I feel like a lot of people are not close to their siblings, but my brother and I hang out all the time and share all of the same interests. He’s been someone to mentor too.”

Although he stopped playing organized sports when he gave up lacrosse in middle school and golf after high school, Campbell continued to follow his sport as a passionate fan. His favorite teams include the Islanders, Giants and Mets, all of which he roots for intently, with just a few inches separating his face from the television throughout every game he isn’t in attendance of.

Over the years, it quickly became clear what his lifelong pursuit would be.

“My dreams at a young age were always to either play or being involved in professional sports and college sports somehow, and I have been able to accomplish that here at LIU Post as a commentator for LIU Sports Radio. It was my parent’s dream for me too, as even at a young age, whether I was playing or watching a game, I’d commentate the action.”

After graduating from Hauppauge High School at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the question for Campbell was never what he would study, but where. 

“I ended up committing to the Conneticut School of Broadcasting and was gonna attend at their Westbury campus… That August, in 2020, that campus closed permanently so I had to go elsewhere. It was between LIU and Hofstra,” he said. “Both my parents were LIU alumni so it felt more like home. I felt like I had to make a quick decision so I did, and I haven’t regretted it since.”

The first year and a half of university for Campbell was simple; class, home, repeat. During the spring semester of 2021, he found his home away from home. 

“One of my biggest regrets here was not joining the radio station until the spring of my sophomore year. I’ve always been a pretty shy kid, but when I meet people it’s different. For the most part, my days consisted of class and home… But once I found the station, I made more friends and have spent the last few years being a part of the sports department. It can get pretty hectic at times but that is part of the experience at LIU Sports Radio. I became an assistant this past year in both radio and newspaper… These four years have flown by, but I have had so many great memories and it was an awesome experience.”

Serving as the assistant sports director for LIU Sports Radio and the assistant sports editor for The Tide, Brady has left his mark through his play-by-play radio commentary of numerous LIU athletics and his work hosting the “Sports Shark Tank,” which covers professional and LIU sports Monday through Thursday from 1-2 p.m. on 88.1 FM and 

Student work aside, Campbell credits the station for allowing him to break out of his shell and be himself. 

“I have developed lifelong friendships here [at the Wave]. These guys and gals I see all the time now and they are awesome people. As Dan Cox, [former Station Director of WCWP], says, ‘no better group of misfits than here.’ I love all the friends I’ve made here in the newspaper and on campus. It was an awesome experience at LIU for me.”

Set to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in the fine arts of Broadcasting, Campbell is admittedly uncertain of his immediate. However, he remains steadfast in his goals.

“I don’t have much of a plan beyond this just yet, but I know I’ll be back helping out in any way I can,” Campbell admitted. ”The dream is to be the play-by-play guy for a professional sport; football, hockey and lacrosse are the main ones. I am worried that if I called a game for the Giants or Islanders I would be too much of a homer, but that is always the dream.” 

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