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10 Reasons to Join The Pioneer

Photo by Kayla Krause

Here at The Pioneer we’re always looking for new contributors. So here is a list of reasons why you should join your student newspaper!  Drum roll please…


*Getting a paper out every week can be a daunting task that takes a lot of effort. There are too many hot topics and not enough writers to cover it all. If there is a topic you would like to see covered come to the meeting! Or you can email an idea to and ask if you could write the article. And if you think you aren’t a decent writer, we have editors who are here to help to make your work top notch to be published.


*Build your resume: joining an extra-curricular activity is great to put on your resume! When looking for a job seeing that extra imitative makes you stand out from other applicants.


*Earn 3 credits: If you’ve taken journalism 4 and 5, you are eligible to take journalism 41 in which you can earn 3 credits for a semester! The best part of this class is that it only meets Monday from 12:30-1:30 in The Pioneer office. Articles are due by 5p.m. on Sunday and they go into the next issue.


*Meetings are only an hour: We all know that school can be stressful and tiring but now with common hour interrupting the middle of everyone’s day, sometimes it’s nice to have a little break from class. However, it could get boring trying to find a place to go. If you get bored, come find your way to The Pioneer’s office and sit in on a meeting, introduce yourself to the editors.  Who knows, you might even be intrigued by what you hear but as our parents told us, you won’t know until you try.


*Free lunch: Who can pass up a free anything? Come to the meetings and enjoy a free lunch sponsored by Lontza’s pizza. There’s always enough for all and drinks are included.


*Make great friends: If you are looking to mingle and meet new people well than this is just the meeting for you. Here at The Pioneer, the staff is extremely friendly and we are always open for meeting new people.


*Choose your topic: maybe there’s a topic you want to write about that you haven’t seen in the past issues. Come to the meetings and ask, just as easy as 1-2-3! If you are passionate about a certain topic, get it approved and write about it. Again you don’t have to be the best writer because everything is edited and we want to make your work as awesome as you intended it to be.


*You don’t have to write: Fact: you hear newspaper and automatically assume the staff is all writers. False. In fact, there are other jobs besides writing that are pivotal to this paper. We need more advertisers who will go out to local businesses and find shops that are willing to spend money on an ad for our paper! Ads are how media publications work since a bulk of their money comes from that factor alone. I also need help with promotions! Hanging posters and getting the word out about the paper is hard work for just one person. What’s the kicker in all of this? If you are one of those students who are eligible for journalism 41, you can receive credit for doing just this, advertising and promoting! Now that’s what I’m talking about.


*Find an internship: In a few years when you all go out into the real world and look for those post graduate jobs, you are going to want to have all the experience you want. Being that this is a student newspaper, companies in the industry are looking for peppy interns who are eager to learn. The Pioneer post internships that they are sent for everyone to see. If anyone is interested, the information and the job description are posted.


*It’s just fun: Every week the meetings are a great place to interact with your peers and make new friends. The conversation is never dull and we always share some laughs. Maybe you have a friend on the staff? Come visit them and have some lunch! Chances are they will talk up the paper so much that you’d be motivated to join! There’s no pressure. Maybe you attend a meeting and it isn’t for you. Being on a newspaper staff isn’t meant for everyone.


If you are interested in anything you’ve just read or you want more information, The Pioneer staff meets every Monday from 12:30-1:30 in The Pioneer office (upstairs in Hillwood, just follow the signs)! And please don’t forget to visit of website at


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