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2012 Baseball Predictions

Kathleen Joyce

After football season ended, I was heartbroken. What was I going to spend all my time reading up on now? Two months later, I got my wish: Baseball, the American game, the greatest game ever played.

Many Americans can agree baseball is a fabulous sport – a long, drawn out one – but still an exciting one. This year with the recent big trades, we might be seeing different teams rising up from being underdogs. So here are my predictions for the 2012 MLB season.

The American League: With the introduction of Prince Fielder, having an MVP pitcher, and an almost trip to the World Series, the Detroit Tigers are looking pretty good. Look for them to definitely make the playoffs along with newly named LA Angels. The Angels just acquired one of the greatest players in the game, Albert Pujols. The Tampa Bay Rays have BJ Upton who is heading to becoming a contender for MVP. The Rays are also looking at new pitching that is sure to change the team.

The Yankees will also have to be mentioned because every year they seem to squeeze into the playoffs. With Alex Rodriguez healthy and the team having some of the best pitchers in the league, they’ll get something done, but I don’t predict they’ll win the series. I think the Red Sox might give them a run for the money. After last year’s speculation of the team drinking in the dugout, a fired coach, and playoff woes, the Sox are back with a new coach, Bobby Valentine, formerly of the New York Mets, who is not putting up with nonsense and vows to beat the Yankees. This rivalry isn’t ending anytime soon it seems.


The National League: The National League is looking much more interesting this year. I predict the NL will take the World Series title again. The team that got the buzz recently was the newly revamped Miami Marlins. The Marlins acquired ex-White Sox coach Ozzie Guillen, closer Heath Bell, Mets shortstop and NL batting leader Jose Reyes, and Mark Buehrle. The Marlins spent $190 million on their team. Will they make the playoffs? Doubtful. With the accident-prone Reyes and hot-tempered Guillen, the Marlins may fill up their stadium, but that’s about all for now.

The Washington Nationals may not be great this year, but in the next few years, the team will dominate the NL. Which brings us to the plagued New York Mets, my favorite team, but a team I can’t say too much about. With their money woes, injury-prone players, bad pitching, and lowered payroll, there’s not much to look forward to in the Mets future unless the Wilpons sell the team. This year won’t be the best year – they will probably finish in last – but as a Mets fan, I have hope they will be better because as Mets fans say, “Ya gotta believe.”

The Cincinnati Reds have had a few disappointing seasons recently, but this year they are expected to make a comeback. They added a few strong players to the roster and are expected to have the best rotation in the NL. The Philadelphia Phillies will keep their spot on their top and probably be the contender for the World Series this year. Their pitching is unbelievable, and so is their hitting. Other teams to look out for are the LA Dodgers, and the newly minted World Series Champion Cardinals. Although the Cardinals lost Pujols, they still have a solid team that can assure a playoff standing. The Dodgers can look forward to a new beginning. Similar to the Mets, they are coming off of being broke, but can look forward to new contenders and an awesome rotation.

The MLB season is looking more interesting than last year. I invite all to watch even if it’s not your favorite team or you need to distract yourself from a Mets game. Watch another team or even get into fantasy baseball if you really want to take a gamble. It’s less than 20 days until baseball season. I’m ready. Are you?

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