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3 Reasons to Look Forward to Star Wars VII

Pete Barell
Staff Writer

The search is finally over. On January 25 Disney confirmed J.J. Abrams to helm the anticipated Star Wars VII as director. This decision has raked in a steady flow of ap­proval and disproval from fans of the mas­sively popular franchise. The film is slated for a 2015 release. While there will always be a dark side to such an important deciding point, here are three reasons why we can perhaps breath a little easier for that galaxy, far, far away.

Reason #1: A Geek’s Experience

Abrams is known for his contributions to the science-fiction genre ranging from his collaborative Super 8 with Steven Spielberg in 2011 to the successful reboot of the Star Trek franchise in 2009. While fans of Star Trek and Star Wars have butted heads in the past, the critical and fiscal success of the recent Trek reboot cannot be denied. Not only has Abrams tackled large franchises with success, he has handled epic sagas on television. Most recently, Abrams has continued his sci-fi em­pire with popular shows like Revolution, Lost, Fringe, and Person of Interest.

Reason #2: Micheal Arndt is a Cham­pion Screenwriter

In 2006, Michael Arndt’s script for Little Miss Sunshine (his first produced feature) won Best Original Screenplay at the Oscars among other accolades. The popularity of his work has only increased since with the mas­sive hit that was Toy Story 3, which was an exceptionally challenging and weighty task as the end to a beloved series. Arndt’s success with that PIXAR production affirms his skill for creating a well rounded story even if it has been a long awaited and anticipated finale. Thus, the new Star Wars film is (hopefully) in safe hands.

Reason #3 A Rule Book

The first Star Wars film came out in 1977. Five more feature-length live action films, hundreds of books, comics, and tele­vision spin-offs later and there is plenty of material for Abrams and crew to sort out. For example, over-the-top characters like Jar-Jar Binks have been panned by Star Wars fans for years as selling out for the younger gener­ations. There has been similar disdain about the general tone, look (heavy usage of CGI), and flow of the newest Star Wars trilogy started in 1999 (prequels to the initial four, five, and six). If the tons and tons of feedback gathered over more than thirty years doesn’t have the slightest impact on the upcoming film, something is terribly wrong.

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