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Meet The Reviews Editor

Paul Kalis
Reviews Editor

I hope LIU Post students and staff en¬joyed the summer off and had the time to go to some fun places, eat new foods, see some great movies, and experience interesting things. So why not get published and write up a brief review about what you did for the Pioneer?

We are asking you, our readers, to get involved in our weekly publication. If you are interested in writing and publishing reviews, please email your ideas to for consideration. I check this email account daily, so you can expect a prompt response.

Students don’t have to be Journalism or Media Arts majors to write about a passion. An Art major could review the latest exhibit at a local museum, while a Physical Education major gives his or her input on new training techniques. A Music major can review the lat-est concert he or she attended. Excel in your field of study by writing a relevant piece, put-ting your knowledge to the test. Become our expert consultant, and share your ideas with others. Submit pieces weekly and create your own subsection in the Reviews section. Don’t feel like you can’t write about a particular subject just because someone else is.

Let’s make this year’s reviews section the best it can be. Any new ideas for what we can review? Do you have a friend who is trying to make it in the entertainment industry? Writing reviews for class on a presentation or lecture? Submit them for publication. Review submissions are due to on Saturdays at 5:00 pm for publication the following Wednesday.

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