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$50 Added to Commuters ID Cards

By Michael Otero

LIU Post commuters tap their card for food. By Tia-Mona Greene
LIU Post commuters tap their card for food. By Tia-Mona Greene

Staff Writer

Many students are unaware that money has been placed on all commuter students LIU ID cards. All students who are taking nine or more credits, according to Associate Provost Jessica Hayes, were issued $50 dollars on their ID cards. The money came from the students who paid $25 and the other half from LIU.

The money on the cards can be used to pay for food wherever there is a Blackboard scanner. While using your student ID card, students are getting a better dining than by paying with cash, credit, or debit because the ID card allows to students to avoid paying tax.

Regarding taxes on the meals, New York State does not require sales tax with student meal plans.

Similar to a debit card, though, each student has the option to put as much money on their card as they want, and when they use their card, the money is subtracted from the ID card balance.

Student Thoughts

“I already spent my $50,” said Felipe Lourido, a freshman with a Undecided major. “I have to find out how I can get more money on my card.” All full-time commuter students received $50 to get them started, but money can be added by going to the fill machine in Hillwood Commons or by visiting the Bursar Office. This new system was implemented this semester.

Students should be aware that the magnetic stripe on the back of each card is important. If that is left out in the heat or is somehow deformed, then a new ID card will be needed.

When asked about the $50 on his ID card, Ryan Freese, a freshman Education major, said,

“I love it. It’s so easy; I just whip out my card and it’s paid for. I use it for my coffee almost every morning.”

Quick And Easy 

The new LIU cards have also reduced the amount of time spent waiting on lines because of the new tap-and-go process, which allows students to tap their card against the Blackboard scanner.

This process of adding money will continue into the spring semester, and if all goes well into next year, as well according to the LIU website.

For students who are interested in meal plans, a commuter meal plan is something that is also offered at LIU Post. It is a similar plan to those students who live on campus and are required to be on a meal plan.

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