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90210: Back After the Winter Hiatus

Cecilie Nag

Back on the screen after their winter break, the Beverly Hills teenagers of 90210 continue a new year and a season of drama, friendship, conflicts, and love. With a dramatic winter finale, during which Liam got into a car accident and Naomi found her boyfriend kissing her worst enemy, there were bound to be some complications as the 2012 premiere was revealed.

Weeks have gone by, and things within the group have changed since the last episode: Brother and sister, Annie and Dixon, have been traveling abroad, along with Ivy and her newfound crush. Annie finally got her inheritance money and is newly rich, but she is still stuck on Liam, who has recovered from his accident, but only to find himself starting a growing affection to another girl: Vanessa, the girl who ran him over but also saved him. Naomi has yet to accept Austin´s apology and is looking for a rebound-fling to drown her sorrows. Silver has decided to dive into another relationship, as Navid is still struggling with the issues of his uncle and the family business, while he also still hides his feelings to protect his loved one.

The first episode in 2012 is packed with fancy clothes, beautiful people, and new revelations. A new girl, Vanessa, is stealing Liam´s attention, but Annie is determined to reveal all secrets and get her man back. Silver`s growing romance with Greg is continuing, despite the fact that Navid´s love for her is revealed. A dilemma occurs when she finds out that Greg is the father of the child that Adrianna gave up for adoption a couple years earlier. Naomi screws up her first big event but sheds some tears and talks herself into a second chance. 90210 is back, and it looks like the drama will be continued. The return of Naomi´s sister, Jen, is already announced, something that usually means bad luck for Naomi.

A line-up of the Spring 2012 guest stars has already leaked on the Internet, including 2 Broke Girls actor Nick Zano, who is making an appearance on the show. Robert Hoffman, who previously starred in movies, like She´s The Man and Step Up 2 along with the TV hit-show Grey´s Anatomy, is rumored to be entering the show in early March in the role as an “easygoing surfer,” and the ultimate catch; unfortunately, he is hard to get. Ariella Kebbel, known from movies like John Tucker Must Die, and TV shows including the Vampire Diaries and Life Unexpected, plays the role of Liam´s new love interest, Vanessa. Also, sister of Michael Jackson, LaToya Jackson, will appear as a guest star for an episode in February.

New year, and new beginnings epitomize the upcoming episodes, as lies, complications and emotions seem to be the main ingredients of the season. The first episode sets the foundation for new dilemmas and conflicts, which will take the show through yet another season of teenage frustrations.

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