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A Day In The Life of Dayya

By Dani Naess Hellesund
Staff WriterSkjermbilde 2014-02-19 kl. 01.27.02

Tamir Daaya, a Post Marketing alumnus, took the new position of Special Projects coordinator in the Office of Student Life at LIU Post. As coordinator, Dayya is the manager of The Post Treat Shoppe, The Student Body, and The End Zone, all located in Hillwood Commons.

As the manager of the first three student businesses, there is a lot to keep track of, but that is not a problem for Dayya. “I’m not left in the dark when it comes to managing any of the stores. The student employees and the students on the committee play a big role in keeping the operations of each location running smoothly.”

Dayya explained that there are challenges in running any kind of business, but the best way to handle challenges is with cooperation. “The key is working together to work through them [challenges] and create learning experiences along the way.”

Managing three stores takes time, Dayya handles this challenge by being where he is needed. “I devote time equally to each location, or allocate my time as needed most. If there seems to be more attention needed at one location [compared to another], I’ll make sure I spend time at that particular location in order to address any issues, and keep my time balanced going forward.”

When managing a business, and in this case, managing the stores, there are a lot of people to deal with every day. However, that is Dayya’s favorite part of the job. “I really enjoy being able to work with so many different people. Whether I’m meeting students or university personnel, everyone has something interesting about them,” said Dayya.

“It’s impressive that he was a former student here recently and is now the manager of all three student businesses,” said Regina Fierro, a junior Film major and an employee.

“He is a good manager. He always stops by to make sure everything is okay,” said Lucie Chrastecka, a sophomore Pre-Med and Biology major. “He also does a great job working around schedules since we’re all full-time students.”

There will be a future for more student-run businesses at Post, according to Dayya. “I’m sure there will continue to be many changes on campus, including new businesses to make Post an even more engaging place.”

When new business ideas arise, Dayya makes sure that students approve. “I prefer to keep adding businesses with the students in mind.”

Dayya explained that students, staff members, and administrators made the decisions concerning the stores in Hillwood Commons. “We all decide together on what would be the greatest additions [for the] campus.”

He believes that the businesses are important for LIU Post. “A major factor in the creation of the businesses was finding a way to generate more scholarship for students. Half of our profit is dedicated to university-wide scholarships and the other half is spent on the addition of student run businesses.”

The businesses will survive into the future, according to Dayya. “Entrepreneurship has been rapidly increasing and sweeping the nation, and LIU is ahead of the game by adopting the future of higher education before anyone else.”

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