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A Different Work of Art

Megan Draghi  Staff Writer

When one attends an art show, he or she expects to see paintings or framed masterpieces. However, what if there was an art show that went beyond a simple picture framed on a wall? What if the canvas consisted of live models instead? LIU Post art student Jesus Modesto will do just that in his senior art show titled, “Beyond the Superficial,” at 5 p.m. on May 1. The show will take place in the

Sculpture Studio, which is lo- cated in the south area of the Post campus located near the intramural field and the music rehearsal building.

Modesto, an Art Education major, decided to go above and beyond for his senior art show. He believes that although the simple two-dimensions of a regular canvas could grab attention for his artwork, this live action element is an even better way to display it. With this art show, Modesto hopes to better the reputation of the LIU

Post art department as well. According to an interview from an online press release, Modesto said that he is hoping to “break away from the traditional photographs, paintings and sculp- tures that make up typical art shows.”

Modesto plans to use models who will wear his artwork. It is not a fashion show however; these models simply act as canvases for his artwork.

“My show is on the human anatomy. They [the models] will have muscles and organs and such that are created,” said Modesto.

Art is known as a unique way to look at life. When artwork is showcased through a simple can- vas or a sculpture, it may not truly capture the three-dimensional nature of life. With models and the organs painted on them, LIU Post student Jesus Modesto is able to capture life through the best source possible…people. Not only is his artwork a fresh way to look at life, but it also is beyond the superficial.

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