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A Fabolous Way to End the Semester

Genna Apfel

His business and music have made him one of the richest rappers in history. Fabolous seemed to be “killin ‘em” at C.W. Post’s Spring Fling concert at the Tilles Center on Friday, April, 15.

This Spring Fling concert was a must-see experience.  Fans were up and off their feet…literally. T-shirts were thrown into the crowd in the hopes that a few lucky people would catch one and hopefully “throw something in their bag.”  Music by DJ Simone Whitney caught the attention of C.W. Post students, and die-hard Fabolous fans eagerly waited for the show to start.  Post Idol winners, Achante Andrews and Anny Jules, sang their hearts away and proved they were true singing sensations as they opened up for Fabolous.

Fabolous finally appeared on stage and looked dressed to impress. He looked mysterious, as his shiny golden sunglasses hid his face and his Tigers jacket gave him that extra oomph to his rapper image. Screams and shouts filled the air, as people were bumpin’ and grindin’ to the music. And, as the show proceeded, it seemed as if everyone was trying to make his or her way towards the stage, just so they could get a little bit closer to Fabolous. The only people who were stopping students from coming an inch closer to Fabolous were security personnel.

Fabolous sang songs like “You Be Killin ‘Em,” “So Into You,” “Throw It in the Bag,” and “Imma Do It.”  He performed for an hour. As the concert came to an end, Fabolous clearly showed off his passion and true dedication he has for music. Just as Fabolous would say, this was, “My Time.”

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