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A Multi-Cultural Campus: Students from all around the World

Cecilie Nag

A new school year has begun, and, for some of the students, this means adjusting to another language, a new culture, new traditions, and leaving their families and homes thousands of miles away to pursue an education in America. Why did they choose studying in America, and how did they end up at C.W. Post?

“I wanted to get connections; I wanted to travel and get to know different cultures, and, most importantly, learn the language properly,” says Matilda Nilsson, a Swedish sophomore, studying business at C.W. Post.  Nilsson says she wanted to study close to New York and heard about the school through a Swedish agency she was directed to after counseling at her high school in Sweden.

Henrik Idsoe, a freshman studying at C.W. Post,from Norway is also a business major and, in addition to his studies, is playing on the men’s soccer team. He heard about the

school through some friends. “I like the opportunity where I can combine playing soccer and get a great education at the same time,” says Idsoe.

More than 40 countries are represented on campus, with the largest amount of international students coming from China, India and Korea. Nisha Yadav is a graduate student studying business, and, after receiving her bachelor’s degree in India, she came to New York to finish her education.  Yadav says she chose C.W. Post because of its proximity to the New York City, where Wall Street and a number of other financial businesses are located.

Studying at Post has afforded her the opportunity to make connections in the financial market.  She has already completed her first internship and is currently looking for another one.

Assistant Provost Jessica Hayes works at the ISS (International Student Services) and lists the close location to NYC, the reputation of the academic programs, and the beautiful campus as reasons for C.W. Post’s large number of international students.

Hayes says she is determined to help ensure academic success for the international students and is also eager to develop inter-cultural experiences and growth for domestic students.

“I personally think its great. I really enjoy going to school where there is a lot of diversity,” says junior Steve DeBellis, a junior music education major.“I wish I had the opportunity to study outside the country.”

The influence from countries all across the world makes C.W. Post campus a diverse and versatile environment, where there are multitudes of opportunities to be taken on and room for all kinds of dreams to be pursued. According to Hayes, close to 200 of the international students are currently taking advantage of a work benefit called Post-Completion Optional Practical Training (OPT), which is a one-year work benefit once a student completes his or her degree. Students who want to follow the ISS Office can “Like” its Facebook fan page by searching C.W. Post International Student Services.

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