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A Professional Tells It Straight

On Thursday October 28th, Diane Kennedy, the President of the New York News Publishers Association (NYNPA) visited C.W. Post’s campus.  She traveled all the way from upstate in Albany, NY to share her experience and knowledge of working in the industry of journalism and politics.

As the President of NYNPA, Kennedy represents over 50 news organizations in the state of New York. NYNPA is the non-profit trade association representing the daily, weekly, and online newspapers of New York State. NYNPA monitors the New York State government on behalf of the newspaper industry, opposing unfavorable legislation and working to craft new laws to open up government activities to public scrutiny.  The Association also provides training and professional networking opportunities to its member publishers, advertising and marketing, and circulation staff.  The Association also manages the New York Newspapers Foundation, which provides grants to literacy-oriented community organizations.

Speaking to the editorial staff of the Pioneer, Kennedy mentioned that working on a campus newspaper is a resume builder.  Students should utilize the campus newspaper to publish their work.  Speaking from experience, prior to joining the NYNPA twenty years ago, Kennedy was a reporter for The Record newspaper located in Troy, NY.

When asked if the newspaper publishing industry is as bad as it seems, Kennedy replied, “it’s worse.”  She continued to encourage students to take advantage of the resources available to them at Post.  This would include the newly founded iPad program, which is now offered to all undergraduate students.

Kennedy mentioned that the industry is rapidly evolving and adapting to the newfound media of our world today.  As this is no news to us, to have a professional come and speak on behalf of the industry made it seem more of a reality than a rumor.

Kennedy is not only a veteran in her industry, but her down-to-earth personality was comforting as well.  It gave hope to the staff of the Pioneer that despite the industry’s changing ways, there are still people in the industry that believe in its traditions and roots.  “It is tough out there, but while you’re still here you can make a difference.  You have the possibility to present new ideas and display creativity.”


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