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A Romantic Valentine’s Day

A Romantic Valentine’s Day
Photo by Christina Morgera

Julia Rosén
Staff Writer

Tomorrow, February 14, is Valentine’s Day, and Post students are planning romantic days with their significant others. According to Dr. Karen Sherman, a professor of Psychology and also a psychiatrist who focuses on relationships, it is important to show your love. “Anytime you have these kinds of celebrations it is important to acknowledge them, especially for women, because it’s a marker for your love, and some people feel that it needs to be recognized.” The Pioneer has made a list to assist you and your better half on what you can do on Valentine’s Day.

Go big or go home – Surprise your girlfriend or boyfriend by going to New York City. There are a lot of Valentine’s themed events going on. Visit Times Square and share a kiss in front of the heart sculpture “Heartwalk”, and even if you feel it might be too early to get married, you can watch couples renewing their vows on the glass Red Steps in Times Square. You can go ice-skating in one of the many different ice rinks in Manhattan. Central Park, Bryant Park and Rockefeller Center are just some of the places where you can impress that special someone on the ice with smooth motions and high jumps. If you are feeling lucky, Rockefeller Center offers an Engagement on Ice package, where you have time alone on the ice with your favorite song playing, including a champagne toast, if, of course, you are over 21 years old. After you have won him or her over by showing your skills on the ice, you can seal the deal with a ring and a grand gesture. For more information, go to Afterwards, you can go to any nearby restaurant and have a toast for your love. For Maria Kotti, a junior International Business Major, the decision to spend Valentine’s Day in the city with her boyfriend was obvious, “We will probably go to our favorite place: Brooklyn Bridge park and thereafter enjoy a bottle of wine and watch a movie”

Romance on campus– If you live on campus and feel worn out after class, stay on campus and turn it into a perfect evening. There will be a special Valentine’s Day theme at the Winnick Center. Specialty cookies, cupcakes, a heart shaped cake and dessert decorating is what’s on the agenda, to make campus more romantic. Invite your loved one to enjoy a meal there and afterwards return to your room to spend quality time together. Ask your roommate if you could have the room for the evening to make it even more special. Tune up the vibe with some sweet music. Try “In Love With You” by Erykah Badu, “The Only Exception” by Paramore, or perhaps “Halo” by Beyoncé. The selection is endless. A perfect gift to give your girlfriend or boyfriend is a mix tape of all the songs that remind you of her or him. This, of course, could be a gift whatever your evening plans might be.

Homebound – If staying at home is the right choice for you, there are plenty of romantic gestures you could do. Browse Netflix’s Romantic Movies section and find something you may like. For example, the romantic drama Waiting For Forever with Rachel Bilson about never giving up on love, or perhaps the classic Breakfast At Tiffany’s with Audrey Hepburn about trusting yourself to fall in love. Cook a romantic dinner to go along with your movie. On the website you can find an entire section just dedicated to Valentines’ Day dinners and desserts. Top off the evening with a romantic evening walk in the winter landscape. This can also be the perfect time to give your loved one a gift, whatever it might be.

Long distance mgic – You might find yourself alone on Valentine’s Day, with your significant other somewhere far away. Perhaps he or she is traveling, or lives abroad. Turn it around and make it magical with a perfect day planned for the loved one. Start the day off with special delivery. Order flowers, as late as the same day, at the website Then, tell them that you are waiting on Skype, where you are ready to video chat. Dress up in fine evening clothing and make your room romantic with lit candles, or fake candles if you live on campus. While online, take the time to appreciate each other’s company. Talk about your day and make sure you tell your loved one how much you lcar about them. Just because you are not physically with each other does not mean you cannot make the day special. Kristiane Aateigen, a junior Journalism major, bought a fill-in-book to her boyfriend, who lives in Norway. The book is about love and their relationship; each person can fill out things about the other. Kristiane says, “I think it’s nice to send something personal to let your partner know that you spend time and effort to make them happy.” Since her boyfriend can’t take her out to dinner, she will be going to Tao in the City with a friend.

Don’t stress it – If celebrating Valentine’s Day is not for you, do not give in to the stress. It does not have to be a big deal. However, just because you do not want to do anything extravagant on Valentine’s Day, you do not have to ignore the day all together. Talk to your partner and make sure you are on the same page. Spend the day with each other, and do what you usually do when you are together. For Henrik Søberg, a junior Film major, Valentine’s Day is nothing that needs to be a big deal. He says, “I have never focused much on Valentine’s Day, but I guess every opportunity to celebrate love is an opportunity to seize.”

Professor Sherman states, “For some couples, they might feel it is not important to celebrate Valentine’s Day, and at the end of the day it is the essence of the holiday [love] that is the most important thing.” So it might not be all too bad to just take it easy, and enjoy each other’s company without making big fuss of it. According to Professor Sherman, the most important thing to do is “show your love, appreciation and let them know they matter.” After all, there is not a better way to show a person that you love them, than by simply saying “I love you.”

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