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A Student Guide to Fall Self-Care

By Lauren Ritirato, Staff Writer

The leaves have turned orange, red and yellow. The air is getting crisp and chilly. Now is the perfect time to put yourself first and try some fall self-care activities. With the temperature dropping and night falling earlier each day, it is important to take time to consider your mental and physical health. From enjoying the last bit of warm sun to being wrapped in a cozy blanket, students at Post weighed in on how they suggest prioritizing self-care this autumn. 

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1. Spend time in nature:

Spend time outdoors with a festive photoshoot or a warm cup of hot cider or hot cocoa. It is the perfect time to take a walk and watch the leaves fall. 

Junior political science major Robin Mahabir strongly encourages outside activities. 

 “Take a nice walk because it’s that good temperature, it’s not too cold but it’s not too hot, there’s a nice breeze in the air,” Mahabir said.

2. Have a cozy movie night:

Hang some festive decorations and place pumpkins at your doorstep. Grab your favorite blanket, light a candle, and turn on your favorite movie. This is a relaxing way to enjoy the season, bundled up with no worries!

3. Indulge in seasonal foods:

Tis the season of apple cider, pumpkin pie, turkey, and pumpkin spice! Enjoy your favorite nostalgic seasonal foods for that extra boost of serotonin. In addition, you can grab a festive drink at the campus Starbucks!

4. Fall fashion:

Buy, thrift, or make new cozy, and stylish fall clothes. Some of the most popular colors in fashion for 2023 are apricot, lavender, gray, and ice blue.

Mahabir says that as the leaves change, so do his wardrobe choices. 

“This is definitely flannel season so I like wearing them. I don’t know if I differentiate the colors but I wear more flannels during the fall. I feel like you know you don’t have to wear the heavy winter jacket and it’s not summer where it’s sweltering, so it’s  flannel season and light sweaters.”

Freshman musical theater major Mya Nuber agrees. 

”I think a lot of my clothes that are more of an orange color I wear during the fall.”

5. Take a break from the screen:

Disconnect from the world for a moment by shutting off your phone and computer. Take that time to participate in your favorite pastime or meditate. 

6. Surround yourself with seasonal scents:

Every season has a signature smell, for fall it’s leaves, pumpkin, and crisp apple. Surround yourself with these scents using candles, essential oils, air fresheners and soap. 

Nuber reflects on her favorite nostalgic fall scent.

 “I really like the marshmallow pumpkin latte scent from Bath and Body Works, it’s one of my favorites. The smell of it reminds me of fall and it’s really cozy and sweet.”

7. Fall crafting:

Be inspired by the season and paint a fall landscape filled with colorful leaves. DIY a decoration and proudly display it for yourself to see every day.

“The tennis club is really great for self-care, it takes your mind off everything. Also Post has great outdoor scenery so I like to drive around campus and watch the leaves turning. Being here is self-caring in its own way.” Said Mahabir.

Nuber has also found her favorite self-care activities in her time at Post, 

“Me and my friends have really been enjoying sitting in our dorm doing face masks, watching movies and relaxing.”

Fall is the turning point to the end of the year and the resurgence of brisk weather. Participating in these fall self-care ideas can help you embrace the beauty of autumn while having fun, relaxing, and prioritizing your mental health. 

8. Go for a scenic drive:

Grab a friend or take a ride solo to absorb the beauty of the fall foliage. 

“Going on long drives and admiring the scenery, I waste a lot of gas that way, but it’s all worth it.” Mahabir insists.

As students, Mahabir and Nuber have found ways to create their own self-care activities on campus.

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