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A Walk Among the Greats of Post

By Thomas Gillen
Staff Writer

A part of the "Alumni Walk." By Thomas Gillen
A part of the “Alumni Walk.”
By Thomas Gillen

When students were welcomed back to campus this semester, they may have noticed something different along the walkways. Numerous banners showcasing notable LIU Post alumni can be seen throughout the campus grounds.

Dubbed the “Alumni Walk,” these banners stretch from Hillwood Commons up to the Winnick House and the bookstore. Each of the 33 banners has the name of an alumnus, their graduating class year, and their current job.

Chief of Strategic Partnership and Vice President for University Advancement, Michael Glickman, said that this idea came about because “LIU is proud of the accomplishments of Post’s strong network of over 125,000 alumni.”

Junior Finance major, Din Djukanovic, was pleased with the school’s decision to display prestigious alumni around campus.

“I think it’s nice to see the school acknowledging alumni and their contribution to Post,” Djukanovic said. “I probably would like to see them put together similar projects like this. Maybe an alumni night? For example, alumni can meet up from different classes in Post to catch up with one another.”

Edward Micone and John Collins are two of the alumni featured on the Alumni Walk. Edward Micone is a producer on the Super Bowl Halftime Show and John Collins is the COO of the National Hockey League.

“Alumni Walk was established to celebrate a selection of notable alumni in a prominent location on campus and was designed to showcase our support for their outstanding achievements,” Glickman said.

The alumni who are currently a part of Alumni Walk are not permanent and will be changed periodically, according to Glickman. “We anticipate that the names displayed will rotate over time and that Alumi Walk will build a new tradition of recognition for some of our most successful graduates,” he said.

Ryan Attard Reilly, the head of the LIU Post alumni relations office, would not comment about the project, and referred inquiries to Kelly Walles, the Associate Director of Public Relations and Social Media.

“Our goal, working in partnership with the LIU Post Alumni Association was to introduce a dedicated place on campus that excludes a sense of pride for current students and serves as a topic of conversation for visitors and friends alike,” Glickman said.

Rita Langdon, head of Campus Operations, would not comment, and referred inquiries to Walles as well, who in turn received responses from Glickman.

As for the financial cost of the project, Glickman said, “Support for Alumni Walk has been generated through our active alumni program, and we will continue to support enhancements across campus.”

The alumni office would not comment about the Alumni Walk and referred inquiries to Walles.

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