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A Whole New “League” of Legends

By Josh Tolentino

Assistant Features Editor

Apex Legends is a unique, all-out battle royale that supports instant gratification with fast-paced gameplay and an emphasis on teamwork. You and two other players will drop onto a map that’s slowly shrinking and fight for survival against 19 other teams. Through scav-enging and upgrading weapons, players aim to be the last team standing.

Apex Legends may be the biggest thing Electronic Arts has done since Star Wars. Combining the popular elements of battle royale and characters with abilities, the game already has over 2 million players.

There are eight “legends” that players can choose from. Six are free to play, and two have to be unlocked. All characters from heroes to assassins to medics are important to win.

What makes Apex different from its predecessors is the emphasis on communication. Despite games like Overwatch in being team-based, it is almost impossible to carry a game of Apex Legends alone. Careful coordination and faith in your comrades are the foundation of success.

Teamwork has never felt so smooth. Each player can benefit the other two. Burnt out support mains will develop a soft spot for this game as their tactical skills will be put to the test. Feeling helpless in team fights is the last thing that can happen. Oftentimes in other games, support characters can either heal or watch their team die with no solution to a problem. In Apex, all of your team’s positioning skills are necessary.

Managing the player’s inventory is easier in Apex and has become preferable to that of Fortnite. The system automatically equips the best loot when found, allowing for a faster and more satisfying gameplay. The color coded ammo helps new players adapt quickly and make it fair for them to play against veteran players.

Apex Legends was released on Feb. 4 and shows potential to create a great gaming community. Managing to knock Overwatch and Fortnite out of the park, Apex proves that heroes never die, but they can certainly fade away.

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