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Accessories and Bags for the Fall

Marisa Anziano

There is no better way to energize a fall outfit than with some well-thought out accessories. For those of us who may find it daunting to follow clothing trends, incorporating accessories is an easier way to be trendy while maintaining your own singular style and aesthetic. These are just a few examples that you can incorporate into your own style.

A printed scarf is a versatile option that is totally customizable. Scarves are available in many variations such as floral, animal print, and more. Blending any scarf with a simple top and pair of jeans provides a dose of personality and warmth. It also is the perfect way to diversify your outfits and reinvigorate your wardrobe. Scarves can be found anywhere you choose to shop. The options are endless. “I think scarves are style essentials that also keep your neck warm!” says Junior Political Science major Nicole Duckham.

Statement necklaces are very popular this season. A statement necklace is any larger necklace with lots of adornments, colors, and/or details. These have been popping up all over the runway and on celebrities, and this trend is now making it’s way to the mainstream. Spend a few moments in Forever 21, combing through their seemingly endless jewelry section, and you’ll definitely see what I mean. Introducing a spiked choker such as one from Forever 21 ($8.80) is a great way to bring an outfit from day to night for those special occasions. “Statement jewelry really makes you stand out,” said Dorianna Valerio, a junior journalism major “A pop of color or texture goes a long way, so an elaborate necklace really makes an outfit unique.”

We can all thank celebrity stylist and now reality-television personality, Rachel Zoe, for our next fall trend — faux fur vests. When used badly, faux-fur vests can seem both a little cheesy and a little dated. However, if you pair a faux fur vest with a breezy blouse and a pair of trousers, as Zoe frequently does, you will look completely fashion forward. Not only will this trend keep you warm, but it will also provide a more interesting and unique option, as opposed to a typical sweater, blazer, or cardigan.

After much research it has come to my attention that the “it” bag of the season is the satchel bag. Move over Alan from “The Hangover” and his personal style icon, “Indiana Jones”, because the satchel bag has been reinvented for our personal gain. Try a Cambridge Satchel Company handbag (around $118), or one from Old Navy ($20) in order to bring a trend bag into your life.

Look for pieces and accessories that combine functionality and style to make your fall wardrobe come alive. Although trend following may seem difficult or intimidating, the point is to have fun and experiment with new and exciting trends to figure out what works for you.

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