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ACP Kicks Off Spring Fling Planning

By Jeniel Terrero
Staff Writer

Planning for this year’s Spring Fling kicked off at the beginning of the spring semester. The Association for Campus Programming (ACP) is currently making arrangements to book and host events for the annual Spring Fling week and concert.

Students skip into springtime during Spring Fling week. Photo: Tia-Mona Greene
Students skip into springtime during Spring Fling week.
Photo: Tia-Mona Greene

Students received an email in the beginning of February with a list of suggested artists for this year’s Spring Fling headliner. Attached to that list was a voting poll. Based upon the results, ACP will determine who they will invite for the concert. ACP does everything they can to satisfy students’ wishes for the concert.

When they can’t book the artist receiving the most votes, they move down the list from their poll until they find an artist who is available to perform.

ACP received a budget of $75,000 to $100,000 from the Student Government Association (SGA) to book an artist that will attract a majority of students for this year’s concert. Sarah Knapp, a junior Sociology major and member of ACP, said that ACP searches for artists who are popular enough to appeal to students, while also focusing on up and coming artists to remain within the budget. “We take into consideration the cost to book them, as well as how many tickets they will sell once they’re here. Student appeal also plays a factor. We want to attract attention to the concert and the artist performing in it,” Knapp said.

Two different emails with different options were sent out to students. The first email was sent Feb. 9, and consisted of artists from the hip hop and R&B genre. Because students wanted more diversity, and some artists were not available, ACP sent out the second email with different options. Overall, the options included artists such as The Weeknd, Tinashe, Panic at the Disco, Gavin Degraw, Jason Derulo, and Wiz Khalifa.

Students have mixed opinions on this year’s options. Simone Severe, a junior Criminal Justice major, was not too enthusiastic about the changes made in the second email. “When the first email was sent, I liked the options that were given because there were artists such as Migos, 2 Chains, or Wiz Khalifa, that I was excited about seeing live. When they sent out another list that changed the first set of artists, I honestly didn’t like any of the new options,” she said.

Carlos Abreu, a junior Marketing major, was also disappointed about one change that was made on the list. “I was excited about seeing The Weeknd, so naturally I was upset when he wasn’t included [on] the new list.” However, Abreu does not feel completely let down by the changes. “Some of the artists that were suggested were likeable to some extent, but I would have liked for other up and coming artists to have been considered.”

Big Sean performed at last year’s Spring Fling along with Jhene Aiko. Photo: Tia-Mona Greene
Big Sean performed at last year’s Spring Fling along with Jhene Aiko.
Photo: Tia-Mona Greene

Like Abreu, other students do not believe there is enough diversity in the new list of options. “I know it is probably really hard to get popular artists, but I would like there to be more variety in the genres available,” said Korey Hennegan, a junior Computer Science major. “In the first email, I voted for Mac Miller and Schoolboy Q, and for the second I voted for Alesso. I thought there was a good range of artists on the first list. Not so much the second list,” Hennegan said.

Although there have been complaints among students about the Spring Fling options, Spring Fling is all about the atmosphere, according to Severe. “I have gone to both Spring Fling concerts during my time as a student here, which were both fun. In my first year, I went to see Miguel perform, and in my second, I saw Big Sean and Jhene Aiko, which I enjoyed the most. Both concerts were able to set [a] different type of mood for the crowd, but both were still entertaining.”

Abreu, who has never attended a Spring Fling concert during his time as a student at Post, also agrees that the atmosphere is what makes or breaks Spring Fling week. “Although I have never attended a Spring Fling concert, I would like the entire week of Spring Fling to consist of not just of one thing, but several different events and activities; it will be spring after all, and the campus should be more lively and busy,” Abreu said.

Knapp confirmed that ACP will be hosting several different events during Spring Fling week. “None of the events we’re planning are final [yet], and are subject to change, but students can possibly expect a barbecue, a party, and/or a comedy show.”

As of now, ACP cannot confirm the date Spring Fling week will take place, or when they will reveal the artist selected for the concert, as ACP is still working on negotiations. “We book the performer when the Tilles Center is available. Once we have decided on an artist, we place a bid and wait for them to accept or reject the offer. If they accept, then we finalize plans; if they reject, then we continue searching,” Knapp said. She also mentioned that they will keep students informed through social media and flyers around campus.

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