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ACP Prepares for Post Pride

By Brian Riley
Staff Writer

On Oct. 14, the Association for Campus Programming held a Green and Gold Tie-Dye event as part of LIU Post’s Spirit Week, which was part of Homecoming 2014. This is one of several events ACP has held leading up to the football game on Saturday, Oct. 18.

Students tie-dye t-shirts for Spirit Week
Students tie-dye t-shirts for Spirit Week

The event was held in The End Zone in Hillwood Commons during common hour. Free white t-shirts were provided for students, along with beads and scissors to customize their shirts. Although students were given all the materials, the dyeing was completely up to them. Students sprayed their shirts in green and gold, the school’s colors. Matthew Blanar, a Campus Life Coordinator, demonstrated different designs and patterns to the participants as about 20 students watched. In total, approximately 40 students took part in the tie-dyeing.

ACP’s responsibility is to keep students involved on campus outside of the classroom. One of their main events during the year is the annual spring fling concert. “We want to focus on the student body,” said Gizelle Aguilar, the President of ACP and a senior Education major. Although Aguilar preferred to give away regular t-shirts with an ACP logo she felt that the event was a success, and so did other students.

“You feel an attachment to school spirit when you make your own shirt,” said Sherry Sweeney, a freshman Psychology major who attended tie-dye day. Sweeney will be attending homecoming wearing her new shirt.

“The motivation to do tie-dye is to give it a little twist rather than [handing out] regular t-shirts,” said Alex Lopez, the Vice President of ACP and a Biomedical graduate student. Lopez also added that this tie dying is something they do throughout the academic year to promote upcoming campus events.

This was just one of several events of Spirit Week; the Gold Coast Cinema premiered “Think Like a Man Too,” and the annual Pep Rally was held outside in the new Bethpage Federal Credit Union Stadium. If you’re interested in joining ACP they meet every Wednesday at 1 p.m. in the Gold Coast Cinema, for more information call 516-299-2800.

Students tie-dye t-shirts for Spirit Week
Students tie-dye t-shirts for Spirit Week

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