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Album Review: Drake, “Take Care”

Dontae Hawkins

Drake’s sophomore album entitled, “Take Care,” leaked to the Internet, and I had to have a listen. I’ve been following Drake since, “So Far Gone.” I don’t really consider myself a fan of his because he’s inconsistent with making tracks that I like. Also, his first album really didn’t impact me like I thought it would.

Leading up to “Take Care,” there were a couple of songs floating around the web and radio, some official and some leaked. From listening to those, I had low expectations for his sophomore album.

Then, he released his first single, “Headlines,” and I was actually feeling this single. I decided I would listen to his album and give it a fair shot. (Plus, everybody’s going to be talking about it, and I didn’t want to be out of the loop!) The album starts out a little slow but then picks up once you get to “Headlines”. The title track features the lovely singer Rihanna. It’s interesting. Drake’s flow takes a different turn and catches you off guard, but in a good way.

The track everybody seemed to love, “Marvin’s Room,” has been combined with another track called “Buried Alive.” I hate when artists make long tracks when they should just separate them into two different tracks, but upcoming artist Kendrick Lamar drops a dope verse on the second half of the track, so I can’t really complain.

“Make Me Proud,” featuring Young Money’s First Lady Nikki Minaj, is dope. The beat is unique, and I like the topic of women’s empowerment. “Lord Knows,” featuring Rick Ross and produced by Just Blaze, is epic! The beat just sings to you.  Drake does an okay job on it, and Rick Ross delivers a typical Ross verse, and it’s mediocre at best.

At first glance of the track list, I was excited to see that Mr. Drizzy collaborated with the legendary Stevie Wonder. I was disappointed after listening and learning Stevie had no actual vocals on the track, but, with that being said, the track is still pretty decent.

Just like on Lil Wayne’s album, we get a surprise visit from “Andre 3 Stacks,” also known as Andre 3000 on “The Real Her.” His verse is one of the better feature verses on the album and is the highlight of this track. I’m not a big fan of Drake doing the singing thing, but he does a singing-remake of Juvenile’s “Back Dat A** Up,” and I must admit, its pretty dope.

With that being said, I like about 10 tracks on the album, and I say its okay. It’s not really better or worse than his first one. I give “Take Care” a 7 out of 10. If you’re a Drake fan, support him by buying his album out now.

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