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Album Review: The Script: Science & Faith

Olivia Wicik

The Script is an Ireland-based band that has become an American sensation over the past year. The alternative rock band is compromised of three members: Danny O’Donoghue, Mark Sheehan and Glen Power, whose talents merge together beautifully. The band emulates how powerful music can be with just the simple use of an electric guitar, drums and voice. It makes those of us with very limited musical abilities listen in awe and smile just because.

Science & Faith is their second album and consists of songs that convey a message of heartbreak but hope. Sounds typical? Well, yes it does, but their R&B twist and the lead singers’ incredible voice guarantee that you will keep listening. The members tell their fans, especially those of us in America, that Irish music may seem to be giving off a depressing tone, but the underlying message is always a positive one. Their radio hit is “For the First Time,” and the song is catchy and fun to listen to. However, other songs on their album are much better; I recommend “If You Ever Come Back” and “This = Love”.

The band just finished their tour across America, and the turnout was quite impressive. I truly expect them to gain a much bigger following now. I was fortunate enough to see them play at Roseland Ballroom last weekend, and they sound amazing live. Lead singer, O’Donoghue, has a voice that sounds just as good live, if not better, as it does on the soundtrack.  He tells fans that just like Amy Winehouse’s voice resembled a saxophone, he likes to compare his to the violin.

They had me the very first time I listened to their CD, but after hearing them live, I am a true fan. I definitely recommend listening to the album, and if you get the chance, see them live. You won’t regret it!  Check them out at, and follow them on twitter @TheScript.

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