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Album Review: “Under the Mistletoe”

Justin Bieber

“Under the Mistletoe”


 By Olivia Wicik

The holiday season is finally here, and for the music industry, this means that every artist comes out with his own version of classic (usually, already been done) seasonal songs. I always hear these songs on the radio and when I’m out shopping but never really make a point to go home and download the music. However, when I heard Justin Bieber’s take on holiday music, I was kind of impressed. As someone who is not exactly considered a “belieber,” I really thought the 17-year-old put together an interesting holiday album. He personally co-wrote many of the songs and included such a wide range of genres that “Under the Mistletoe” is truly appealing to so many audiences.

Personally, I love country music, and when I saw that Bieber collaborated with The Band Perry (which sings, “If I Die Young”) on one of the songs, I was instantly hooked. The whole album just has such a “different” feeling than most other holiday albums do. It is not all slow songs; many of them are upbeat and fun, including collaborations with various artists. A fun song that he included is “Drummer Boy,” featuring Busta Rhymes. It is fast paced and a fun spinoff of the classic song that we all listened to as children. Bieber and Busta Rhymes both have rapping parts that are really amusing, but the song still gives you that “Christmastime” feeling. Other artists that are featured on the album are Usher, Boyz II Men and Mariah Carey.

If you’re looking for a different, fun album that features all your favorite holiday songs, I would definitely suggest picking this one up. My favorite song would have to be “Home this Christmas,” featuring The Band Perry, but all of them are amusing to listen to and will absolutely get you into the holiday spirit! This is also a great stocking stuffer or secret-santa gift. Happy Holidays!

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