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Alumni Publishes Dating Book

By Jill Borowski
Staff Writer

LIU Post class of ‘72 alumnus, Lynn Roseman Carr, self- published a book titled “Shouldn’t Dating Be Easier?” this past August. This is the first book written by Carr, who was born and raised in Jericho, Long Island, and currently lives in Pennsylvania. The book compiles interviews conducted by Carr, searching to answer questions regarding the difficulty of modern dating, and what defines a relationship.

After graduating from LIU Post, Carr began working as a reading teacher in Philadelphia, Penn., but quickly realized her passion for writing and decided to leave teaching in order to write her first book. She was inspired to ask the question, “Why should dating be so hard?” while she was perusing miscellaneous bars and events in her new hometown of Philly. Carr decided to use this inspiration as the beginning of a quest to find out why dating is so difficult for all ages.

The writer went to different clubs and bars to conduct over 4,000 interviews with men ages 21 to 90. With composition book in hand, she began her interviews, never recording names or exact locations of the interviewees to maintain their privacy.

Carr has received great publicity for her book. The book gained ground when it was featured on the radio station Heat 100 in Philadelphia, and at book signings in department stores and boutiques within the state. She has not done any publicity in New York thus far, but plans to in the near future.

“Shouldn’t Dating Be Easier?” is for adults of all ages, whether it be a woman in her mid-20s, or men who just want to see a different perspective on dating. Carr’s demographic covers just about anyone and everyone who is interested in learning the tricks of the trade when it comes to dating and relationships.

The book is not just about dating and why it is such a struggle in general; it also contains stories of how couples met. All of the testimonials in her book are from people whom she interviewed. The last three chapters of the book deal with different types of relationships; meeting at work, through friends, or by chance. Most of the stories are of people who met completely serendipitously.

One chapter in the book, called “Warnings,” is dedicated to advising both guys and girls about the dating “do’s and don’ts,” such as making a date like an interrogation—no one wants to be questioned on the first date!

Carr is her own publicist, and plans on doing a lecture series on online dating with Gayle Crist, the author of “How I Met My Second Husband Online At Age 50.” The lecture, which will be held in Philadelphia, will be $28 per person and will feature a two-part lecture series, led by both Crist and Carr, answering questions and offering dating advice to the masses. There will also be an opportunity to purchase both of their books.

As for some inspiration on dating, Carr said, “Smiling is the most important thing, be the best you can be for you, and the guy you are meant to be with will come. This book isn’t just about flirting, it is about a strategy for how to start, develop, and maintain a relationship.” Carr’s book is available online at her website for $10.

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