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Alumni Turned Videographer Visits Post

Kathleen Joyce

On March 10th, C.W. Post students were invited to a lecture hosted by the Media Arts Department introduced 2003 alumni Patrick Holbert. The lecture packed a full house in the small room in Humanities Hall. Holbert told the students of his journeys at Post and what he has experienced in the “real world” since he graduated.

Holbert has already worked for TV studios HBO, MTV, and VH1, but he started his love for the camera at C.W. Post’s PTV station. He says he fell in love with collaborating, writing, producing, and being a camera personality. While at Post, Holbert was always doing an internship. He started in his freshman year at VH1 and by his senior year he was doing a few internships at once.

After graduating he went to work for MTV on the popular television show “True Life.” Holbert showed the students clips from a few episodes that he has worked on. He said a few episodes were, “hard to shoot. Things could get emotional.” Holbert is able to pitch ideas to MTV producers and choose the people who star in these documentaries.

Holbert continues to work on MTV’s “True Life”, but he has also started his own media company called Miscellaneous Media.  The point of the company is to pitch new ideas, show the work of those who are involved in the company in order to get more work and inspire others to do work in the broadcasting field.

Holbert explained there a few downfalls to his career choice, although he loves what he does. Holbert explained, “You have to do things you don’t want to do first and then work your way up.” Holbert worked various jobs that he hated until he was offered the job of his life at MTV. For his job, he has to be on the road for months at a time, which can be hard to keep relationships. He joked that his ex-girlfriend hated his job.

By the end, students were full of questions, but Holbert exclusively told the Pioneer that what’s important in college is to, “write for the Pioneer, do radio shows at WCWP, work at PTV, learn stuff, don’t be shy, try to leave your comfort zone. Try to find what excites you.”

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