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AM: The Sexiest Album of the Year

Michael Themistocleous
Staff Writer


AM, Arctic Monkey’s latest album became the bands fifth number one record in the UK. The band was formed in 2002, and by 2006, had grown an adoring internet fanbase following their debut full-length album, Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not. To some, that album is one of the greatest in the garage-rock genre. Seven years later, the Arctic Monkeys has released its fifth studio effort, AM. The album was released on Sept. 6 through Domino Recording Company.

AM opens up with the bluesy track “Do I Wanna Know?” which prepares listeners for the album and is followed up with “R U Mine?” Both songs contain a very simple-riff that carries throughout the songs.

Alex Turner, the lyricist, singer, and guitarist, has a powerful crooning voice, and the reverb only makes it 100 times smoother. On top of the outstanding vocals, the lyrics are very passionate and haunting.

I may add that “I Wanna Be Yours,” originally written by British poet, John Cooper Clarke, and with Turner’s original chorus, is a dark tale of love. This is the first time an Arctic Monkeys’ song had not been primarily written by Turner.

Joshua Homme, singer, song-writer, and guitarist for Queens of the Stone Age, lent his musical talent to a few tracks on the album. “Knee Socks” and “One for the Road” make it quite clear how his friendship with Turner has affected the Monkeys. His vocals add an intensity to the album. With influences for the album ranging from The Black Keys and Black Sabbath to OutKast, and even comedians such as George Carlin and Louis CK, there’s always something new to look forward to on each track. Arctic Monkeys are there to impress, and this album is recommended for fans of any kind of music.

Key Tracks: “Fireside”, “Arabella”, “Number One Party Anthem”, and “Snap Out of It”

Rating: 10/10

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