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Ambassadors Push Registration at Post

Cristina Foglietta

Fall Registration Ambassadors are seen all over Post’s campus lately. They are located in Hillwood, Winnack, Humanities, Pell Hall, the Library, and Pratt. They are students wearing shirts that say “Got Class?” and asking that infamous question: “Did you register for classes yet?” These students are here to inform students how to register and to remind them to sign up for Fall 2012 classes as soon as possible.

Dr. William Gustafson, the Associate Provost for Student Success, created the Fall Registration Ambassador positions at LIU Post. “The goal of being Fall Registration Ambassador is to remind our students that fall registration has started. This time of year is a great opportunity for all students to make an appointment to see their advisors to prepare for Fall classes and log onto to register,” said Gustafson.

Many universities across the country employ student ambassadors, and Dr. Gustafson thought it would be effective at Post. “Students are encouraged to register for the Fall during the month of April in order to create the best schedule of classes that works for them,” said Dr. Gustafson.

The Student Success Office emailed students informing them of this new job about two weeks ago.. About 60 students went through training with Dr. Gustafson. Fall registration ambassadors started working April 7th and will continue until the end of this semester. The job pays 10 dollars an hour.

Fall Registration Ambassadors describe what they do at their new job. “We talk to students one on one to spread the word, so students register for classes before they fill up,” said Ashley Noble, a senior Print and Electronic Journalism major. Noble works as a student recruiter three times a week from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Fall Registration Ambassadors have gotten all types of reactions from the student body. “I’m friendly and talk to everyone who passes by; that is my personality, but not everyone responds to it,” said Noble.

“Most students that I have approached just keep walking by,” said Abishek Nyayapathi, a sophomore Business major.

Some students appreciate the Fall Registration Ambassadors’ help. “Other students need assistance on where to go and whom to speak to,” said Nyayapathi. “Most people know about registration but put it off,” said Xue Wang, a senior Business Management major. Wang advises next year’s seniors to register as soon as possible, so they can sign up for the requirements they have to take in order to graduate.

Certain students are unable to register. “If you have a block on your account, you are unable to register online yourself. If students have any kind of block on their accounts, they can reach out to us for help by using an email address that was created specifically for this initiative:,” said Dr. Gustafson.

Students can have blocks for all different reasons, such as a late bill payment or being on probation for grades or behavior. “If you have a block, just one email to the Student Success Office will let you register,” said Maria Bivona, a senior Public Relations major.

“If you wait until the last minute to register, you are only hurting yourself because classes will fill up,” said Joe Cipriano, a senior Marketing major.

Since the fall registration ambassador job is brand new at Post, it is still going through changes and adjustments. Bivona said her hours were cut from four hours a day to two a day.

“I think it’s not as effective as it could be. I think it would be better if each recruiter was concentrated in one building a day,” said Cipriano. Currently, some fall registration ambassadors with a four hour shift will go to two locations a day. Most students are now working two-hour shifts a day in one location. For more information, contact

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