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An Inside Peak at a Professor’s Life Before Post

Receiving a master in four different subjects gives a lot of options as a teacher. The question is which subject to teach? “In political science there are many areas that relate to the other subjects I received masters in: philosophy, history, and religion. All of these subjects kind of overlap each other,” states Dr. Soupios. Dr. Soupios graduated from St. Lawrence University in 1971, with a major in History.

Everyone knows Dr. Soupios for his great reputation as a professor, but what many may not know is that he was an outstanding athlete in his college years. “I was a defensive lineman on the football team at St. Lawrence,” states Soupios. “It may not look like it now but I was 245 pounds back then. I’m about 175 now.”  Aside from being a standout football player at St. Lawrence, Dr. Soupios also competed in many long distance races around the country. “I’ve ran ten 100 mile races through the years and did many 50 mile races as well.” Dr. Soupios continues to stay active, running six days a week in the early morning on the nature trails in Sunken Meadow Park.

After graduating in 1971, Dr. Soupios immediately began his graduate work at C.W. Post, however it was not the only stop he made for graduate school. “After C.W. Post I went to Columbia, SUNY Buffalo, Fordham, and the catholic seminary of the Immaculate Conception in Huntington.” While Dr. Soupios attended the seminary, he received a master in theology and a doctorate in religion. “It was a very rewarding time for me,” Soupios claims.

During all of this, Dr. Soupios met his wife Linda at St. Lawrence University and they have been married now for 38 years with three children. “My oldest son Nick works for the D.E.A. in Manhattan, my other son Alex is an elementary teacher in Franklin Square, and my daughter Athena is a full time mom for my three year old granddaughter Aliana.” Dr. Soupios credits his wife for helping him achieve what he has done thus far in his teaching career. “Without my wife, I would not have been able to do the things I have accomplished.”

Before Dr. Soupios became a professor here at C.W. Post, he took a position in the administration office as the Assistant Vice President of Academic Affairs in 1977. However, it wasn’t what he had in mind. “When I got here in 1977 there were no teaching jobs, and I had a family to feed so I took this position. When teaching jobs began to open up I jumped at the opportunity. Best decision I ever made.” Since 1977, Dr. Soupios has been a part of the C.W. Post family, and teaching is something that is very dear to him. “It’s rewarding for me to instruct young people, even after thirty four years its still fun.” After thirty four years, Dr. Soupios shows no signs of slowing down. “With God’s help, I can do this for a very long time. Many professors think about retirement all the time but not me. The only time I will stop teaching is when I stop loving it. Until that day comes, I will be teaching many years to come.”

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