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And the Changes At Post Continue

By Julian Wilson

The game room in Hllwood is undergoing changes. By Tia-Mona Greene
The game room in Hllwood is undergoing changes. By Tia-Mona Greene

Staff Writer

LIU Post may have standards that set it apart from other colleges and universities. However, like any other university, LIU Post changes with the times as well. The question to ask is: what are some changes that LIU Post students have noticed for the new fall season?

Student Thoughts

Janey Gemmell, a junior Electronic Media major, stated, “Well,
I do know that we have a new president. However, I’ve also noticed a change in the students themselves.” Gemmell continued, “More and more people just keep to themselves. People don’t really hang out on the great lawn anymore. The scene has just changed.”

Meanwhile, other students like Scott Haddock, a sophomore Business Administration major, noticed changes in the look of LIU Post. “I have noticed that they have been doing more landscaping, and there are two big generators outside Humanities.”

Haddock was asked why he thought that was, and he stated, “I think they did that in the case of another hurricane. It would definitely help my classes stay open!” Haddock laughed.

Cara Frank, a junior Electronic Media major, hasn’t really heard much regarding changes at LIU Post, though she did hear one thing
that has other students buzzing about. “All that I really know is that the school is trying to get a stadium built for the football field. That would be awesome,” Frank expressed.

Some students, like Steve Colombero, a junior Broadcast major, have observed a lot about the scenery. “I’ve noticed a lot of changes with appearance to the school with the landscape around campus, and just how everything is either more updated or clean,” he stated. Colombero also reiterated the fact that, “Campus life has definitely gone down as well as enrollment.”

Kat Kazaba, a sophomore Public Relations major, spoke out on changes occurring within the Athletic Department. Kazaba stated, “As a returning student athlete here at Post, the most noticeable change I’ve seen this semester has been within the athletic department.” She also stated that, “President Cline has added a few new sports to the program, which has the Pratt center inquisitive and excited.”

While some aspects of campus life may have gone down, Post is not down and out. Students and staff alike are using their best efforts to keep Post on top, while providing new innovations and staying full of Post pride.

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