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Annual Turkey Trot

The 2010 C.W. Post Turkey Trot was a huge success yet again for the 9th straight year.

Athletes, staff members, students, and walkers all participated in the five-kilometer race in which they all donated non-perishable foods for families in need for the upcoming holiday.

“The programs been growing a little bit each year,” said Martin Guillet, Fitness Director, and Associate Director of Recreational Sports. “We had a turnout of about 230 participants in total.”

Winners of each race originally used to win a free turkey, but after an incident with some bad turkey, the award was changed to Pathmark gift cards. A gift card is given to a member of each category that comes in first place. The categories are best male athlete, female athlete, staff member, regular student, and walker

The winner of this year’s Turkey Trot for the male students was Gavin Davila, with a time of 20:47.84. Davila impressively finished first overall for the entire race, and is not a student athlete.

The winner for best female athlete was junior Lauren Spagnoletta with a time of 23:32.68. “I didn’t really prepare that much for it,” said Spagnoletta, a member of the women’s lacrosse team. “I kind of just ran it.”  This was her third time competing in the trot, placing ninth overall.

The best time for a male athlete was Glen Hudson with a time of 22:07.58.  Fernando Mendoza had the best time for members of the staff, and came in 2nd overall in the race, with a time of 21:06.22.

The tradition of the C.W. Post Turkey Trot was successful and competitive for all participants. But more importantly, it is for an excellent cause as it raises food for needy families.  It is also in light of the season, since Thanksgiving is just a week away.


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