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Anonymous Mural Makes Headlines

By Joseph Iemma
Staff Writer

Nov. 14 was in many ways a Monday like no other. Still reeling from perhaps one of the most tumultuous, momentous and historic elections in the history of American politics, Post’s theatre majors began their weekly retreat back to the classroom.

Photo by Joseph Iemma
Photo by Joseph Iemma

However, most, if not all theatre majors attending the Theatre, Film and Arts Management Building that day were shocked with inspiration when they saw what was waiting for them on the chalkboard in the west wing of the building.

An anonymous creator left a platform for theatre majors to put their dreams into writing, for all of campus to see. The creator has yet to claim responsibility for the mural.

“It’s a board where everyone can talk freely about anything,” said Sabrina Ali, a freshman theatre major, who also works as a receptionist in the department of theatre, dance & arts management. “It’s completely anonymous, it’s us being ourselves.”

With her hands folded, Ali gazed at the mural and said, “We want to be free, and this wall is our outlet.” According to Ali, the mural only began with the words ‘Before I Die, I want to…” and since then, this outlet has grown every day, consistently, by the hour, with each student and one dream at a time.

While Ali was speaking, three students passed by the mural and one contributed, writing what she wishes to accomplish before her time comes: “Make Mom and Dad Proud.”

The mural of motivation has no names, signatures, or any other form of identification. Regardless of whether it’s an image, quote, or simply just a word, this mural allows members of the student body to peacefully and properly display their thoughts, their emotions, and their perspective.

“We seem to learn a lot more about one another when we reveal ourselves to one another,” said Jacob Lackey, a freshman undeclared major. “I think the mural humanizes us, and in a digital world, we sometimes lose touch of that.”

With no plans to remove it, the Theatre, Film and Arts Management Building mural currently remains untouched, located on the old chalkboard in the west wing of the building. Students who wish to view and/or contribute to the mural are welcome to do so as long as reverence is shown for classes that may be in attendance.

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