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Anti-Valentine’s Day

Anti-Valentine’s Day


Angela Alfano
Staff Writer

According to the media, Valentine’s Day is a day when it is socially acceptable for couples to participate in public displays of affection, buy flowers, chocolates and stuffed animals; simply because that is what the day calls for. Based on history, there were at least eight actual Saint Valentine’s, none of which actually specialized in the act of “love.” The only common quality among all of them was that all eight were outstanding lovers of God and people, able to hear and to support anyone in love.

For years, the media has manipulated everyone into believing Valentine’s Day is only for people in love with a significant other. People are under the pressure of society to out-do the previous year and buy mushy cards and pay for an extravagant dinner in the middle of the week for no real reason. However, if viewed historically, Valentine’s Day is for anyone who loves a higher power, family member, friend or pet!

Students on campus view the age old holiday through different lenses. Amanda Einemann, a freshman Theatre major, is in a long-term relationship and cannot wait for Valentine’s Day. “To me Valentine’s Day is the sweetest holiday! Everyone becomes so open about their feelings and spoils each other. I think it’s so cute and I love it,” Einemann said. Angela Celentano is a newly single freshman that has a more realistic view of the wretched media frenzy. “Valentine’s Day is overrated. I actually cannot wait for it to be the week after so I can finally stop hearing about couples’ plans and falsified happiness,” Celentano chuckled. When asked about the flaws in this holiday, both girls agree that people should be encouraged to display their emotions on a more regular basis, versus one day out of the year.

Valentine’s Day is a day when couples pretend that nothing is wrong in the world and being with each other is the best thing since sliced bread. This holiday has been built up by card companies and chocolate factories to sell an abundance of supplies at a hiked up price; and they get away with it! The public allows this to happen year after year! This is one of the biggest days for restaurants as well. Their attempt to fool everyone into thinking there are truly “Valentine’s Day specials” is absurd! However this is a common reoccurrence. In fact, Valentine’s Day is an overrated holiday concocted by the media to manipulate the public to conform to the hype. This year, will you be sitting at a restaurant paying outrageous prices or will you be doing something different, laughing at all of those gullible enough on the 14t?

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