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Apple Strikes Again!

By Kahleel Bragg
Features Editor

Once again, the Apple incorporation did not disappoint its loyal customers by dropping the new iPhone 6/iPhone 6 Plus on Sept. 19, 2014. These new and improved models of the iPhone exceeded four million pre-orders within the first 24-hour-span of its availability, and 10 million phones sold during the first weekend, which marked an Apple record. There are a few new features that make this new phone unique besides its size increase. The criticism from Post students varies, where some believe Apple has outdone itself again, while others believe the hype over the new iPhone 6/6 Plus is overrated.

“It’s the biggest iPhone in Apple history, but it works for me; I love it!” said Andrew Reynolds, an Information Technology junior. “My vision is not that good, so the 5.5 inch screen on the 6 plus is perfect for me. In addition to that, the battery life on this phone is amazing,” Reynolds added.

The iPhone 6 Plus measures 6.22 inches high by 3.06 inches wide, which is nearly a half inch taller than the Galaxy Note 3. It has a 5.5 inch display screen, with a faster processor, upgraded camera, an improved Long Term Evolution (LTE) and WiFi connectivity. However, despite its extreme difference in vertical height, the 6 plus is noticeably thinner, being just 7.1mm in thickness. While some people may say Apple is “copying” the android style by making the 6 Plus larger, Apple just views this as tackling a different audience that demands larger phones. Despite the many positives about this phone, there are some negatives surfacing about the iPhone 6 Plus. Its new design more or less requires two-handed usage for the average person. Not only is the phone big, but the price is higher, varying from $750.00 – $950.00, depending on how much GB of memory one desires. Lastly, there have been rumors of the 6 plus being able to bend, but despite the rumors there hasn’t been evidence of this “bending” affecting the usage of the phone.

Senior Sociology major Nigel Simmons doesn’t believe that the iPhone 6 is worth all the hype but does enjoy his new phone. “My last phone, the iPhone 5, was beat up and I was do for an update so I said why not get the new iPhone 6,” Simmons said. “It’s faster, has a better camera, and I now have the finger print scanner so I’m happy. But honestly, compared to the iPhone 5s, it’s not worth all the hype; it’s the same phone, just slightly altered,” he continued.

Larger, but yet dramatically thinner, explains the 4.7 inch HD display iPhone 6. The 6 has the same features as the 6 Plus but doesn’t distribute the same amount of power when it comes to battery life. Some may believe it’s just a bigger iPhone 5s with a better camera and are therefore not too sold on it. Jillian Obasa, a sophomore Biology major, was just eligible for an upgrade, so she took the offer. When asking Obasa if she believed the iPhone 6 was worth all the hype, she said “No, it’s not. It’s really just a way for Apple to make more money.”

Every year since 2007, Apple has come out with a new version of the iPhone. Regardless of the amount of improvements, they have continued to sell their products through the roof year after year. The iPhone6/6 Plus has improved since the iPhone 5s, but is it really worth spending that extra hundreds of dollars?

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