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Are You In or Are You Out?

Matt Marando

There are more than 80 student clubs and organizations that are provided on campus, but students on campus have still yet to express their concern for a lack of activities.  So how involved are our students? When asked about their own student involvement, commuters and dormers have their own opinions.

“There’s got to be more activities to do. Living on campus is boring,” John McNealy, a senior history education major said. McNealy lives on campus, and says he’d like to be more involved, and would like to see more shows at the Tilles center. “There’s nothing else to do on campus on the weekends except party,” says senior Joe Finizio, a sociology major, adding to McNealy’s opinion. Not only do they feel like they are missing out, commuters have their own set of campus involvement issues.

“I’m not around enough to get involved. I go to class, and I go home,” Jaime Silverman, a senior English education major. “There’s not enough advertising [of events or clubs].”

Although Silverman is a commuter, she would love to be more involved on campus. Other students feel that school and work get in the way of being more involved on campus. “Being a commuter is tough because [on campus activities] interferes with the job I have afterwards,” says Victoria Lipman, a senior English writing major. “Students also have a lot of homework and studying to do.”

Another reason why students don’t get involved could be a combination of all three. “Students don’t want to, they don’t know, or they don’t have enough time,” says Andrea Deignan, a junior English writing major.

Faculty and Student Advisors feel that student involvement is better because of the Common Hour. “With the help of Common Hour, I have seen a definite increase in attendance at student events,” said Graduate Advisor Jackie Russo. “More people are getting involved, but we are always looking for more people to participate.”

English Professor John Lutz was able to provide some insight. “I think the obstacle for people getting involved is because they need to work,” says Lutz regarding student life. “I don’t think it’s a desire of not to get involved. In the past this was an issue, and Common Hour is to overcome that obstacle.”

“We should have more events that bring us together, like homecoming,” said senior Stephanie Muffaletto. “We’re at Post, we should celebrate it!” Students such as sophomore Christina Mayor were adamant. “There should be something that should bring the campus together, and should be advertised heavily,” said Mayor. “We should have a drive-in movie in the Pratt parking lot. They should be shown once a month to bring the campus together.” Others have mentioned that they would like to see more clubs being offered during the Common Hour.

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