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News on the NBA and MLB

NBA:  Rumors have been swirling all season long regarding the future of Denver Nuggets superstar Carmelo Anthony. The New Jersey Nets were intrigued with Carmelo. Owner Mikhail Prokhorov took his team out of the running because the Nuggets front office wanted too much in return. In a new twist to the ‘Melodrama,’ the Los Angeles Lakers, who have been struggling by their standards, were thought of as a possible destination for ‘Melo.

But here we are again. ‘Melo to the Knicks? We’ve heard it all year long. The rumors do not go away. Everyday there is a new developing plot with Carmelo Anthony as the main character. One day the Knicks are believed to be trading Anthony Randolph, Wilson Chandler, and Eddy Curry’s expiring contract. The next day, we hear that Denver wants Danilo Gallinari or Landry Fields, or both! Then we learn that a swap of Raymond Felton for Chauncey Billups may make Denver complete this never-ending deal. Then, just to cause even more chaos, ‘Melo says that he’ll take a long hard look at the contract the Nuggets gave him in the off-season. as he might stay in Denver after all!

What we do know is that the Knicks need another superstar alongside Amare Stoudemire. The Knicks are just an average team; their record currently stands one game above the .500 mark, at 26-25. That is mediocre any way you look at it, especially in the Eastern Conference. The Knicks currently have the sixth seed in the East, and it looks like they will be able to make the playoffs, but the question is: How far can they go?

The Knicks have a decent team. They have a fun, up-tempo, nice-to-watch offense that will occasionally play defense here or there to come up with wins. Amare is the main threat, with a solid supporting cast of Danilo Gallinari, Wilson Chandler, Raymond Felton, and Landry Fields. But I have a hard time believing that this team can win a Championship. Another superstar is needed alongside Amare to propel the New York Knicks back into greatness.

The Knicks have lost 11 of their last 16 games. A change is needed. Hopefully, that change comes soon.



MLB:  Spring Training is right around the corner for both the Yankees and Mets. The Yankees are coming off a respectable 95-67 season, but it can definitely be considered a disappointing season for the Bronx Bombers. The Yankees will look to get Championship number 28 this season, but they will have to overcome some obstacles to achieve that goal. First off, Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez showed noticeable aging throughout the 2010 season. Can both of them stay healthy and play like they did in their younger days? With Andy Pettitte retiring, can Phil Hughes and A.J Burnett be counted on to hold up the rotation? Hughes had a great start to last season, but he struggled to give the Yanks innings late in the year. Who fills out the backend of the rotation? Ivan Nova pitched well at times last year, and Freddy Garcia was signed to a minor league contract. Can the Yankees survive with a weak back-end of the rotation?

The Mets have just as many questions as the Yankees do. The Mets finished with an under .500 record last season as they went 79-83. There were no major free agent acquisitions to speak of for the Mets, and Johan Santana had shoulder surgery in the off-season. At what point will he come back, and will he have the same consistency as he did before the injury? Is K-Rod back? He had an up-and-down year, on and off the field. Is his head on straight? He’s an important piece to the Mets, and they need him to finish out games. Can the Mets rotation hold up in the tough National League East? The Phillies signed prized free-agent Cliff Lee, making the rival Phillies an even scarier team. Mike Pelfrey and Chris Young will have to really step up for the Mets this season for them to be successful.



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