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Art Faculty Showcase in Steinberg Museum

By Thomas Okin

Staff Writer

The faculty exhibition at the Steinberg Museum of Art located in the lower level of the B. Davis Schwartz Memorial Library will be on display from Sept. 4 to Oct. 12. There was a reception held on Wednesday, Sept. 18 from 5-8 p.m. The exhibition showcases the artwork created by the faculty of the art department.

This year, some of the featured artists include associate professor Winn Rea, professor Seung Lee, adjunct professor Chris Ann Ambery, and professor Dan Christoffel, among others. This is an annual exhibition. There was a callout in May to the faculty for artworks. All works had to be received by mid-August. Based on the works shown, the response was lively.

Chris Ann Ambery, adjunct professor

This Art show gives students the ability to see their professors’ recent work. Barbara Applegate, the director of the Steinberg Museum, aimed to have the art pieces that are “sympathetic” to each other. It is important that the flow of the artwork is complimentary.

The artists who were featured shared a common thread of having grown up with an internal drive to create and explore. “Art is about self expression, the need to create something whether it be painting or dance,” Robert Calame, adjunct professor of art, said.

“Art in general is definitely creative expression, and should be very personal to the artist. It is about creating visual conversation,” Ambery said.

The artworks presented at the exhibition are as diverse as the artists. There are paintings, sculptures, drawings, installation, drawing, various mixed media compositions, and a print-making piece. The exhibition as a whole is about faculty artists sharing their artwork together.

A mixed media piece by Winn Rea

One piece from the art show is Dan Christoffel’s drawing, “Lincoln’s Eyes- Lincoln Douglas Eyes”. This drawing features a close-up perspective of Lincoln’s eyes as he was listening to Steven Douglas pres-ent. The eyes show that he is deep thought. The exhibition is a glimpse into the creative minds of artists who teach other artists.

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