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Exploring Kacey Musgraves’ “Deeper Well”

By Dylan Stovall, Assistant Arts and Entertainment Editor

After winning her seventh Grammy Award last month, Kacey Musgraves returned to music on Mar. 15, with her brand new album Deeper Well. Throughout the 14 tracks, Musgraves taps into a new energy where she welcomes love and nature back into her life.

In an interview with The Cut, Musgraves shares a glimpse into the construction of the album.

“I find it really ironic that I was able to tap into a more rootsy, folk, softer side in the middle of New York City. Some of my more country stuff came out again there,” stated Musgraves. 

Senior musical theatre major Lainee Jentz has been an active listener of the album and has felt inspired by many of the lyrics and melodies.

“This album gives a great purpose,” shared Jentz. “It’s just really fulfilling. To me it says to trust in the universe. What is meant for you will come to you and to just trust the seasons of your life.”

Photo credits: Los Angeles Times

Unable to limit her favoritism Jentz shares some of her favorite tracks, Jentz voiced “I twiddle between The Architect, Cardinal, and Jade Green as my favorites, but Deeper Well and Sway are definitely there too.”

Senior musical theatre major Sarah Gordon-Macy has been a fan of Musgraves since 2018. 

“When I went to see Harry Styles in Boston for his first album, she was the opener. At the time she was doing ‘Golden Hour’ and I was obsessed with it. I was reintroduced to her when she did a collaboration with Noah Kahan on his most recent album and then Zach Bryan. As soon as I found out she was releasing a new album I was like, thank God,” shared Gordon-Macy. “It is so earthy and grounded. For me, I feel like that is music I connect to more. I definitely connect more when it has that earthy element. I just felt like this whole album is a way for a person to process without being avant-garde about it in a weird way. Obviously she has been through a lot, she just went through a divorce. You can tell Ms. Girl is just trying to find herself again. She talks about how she used to smoke weed and now she doesn’t feel the need to anymore.”

As Musgraves explores her growth, she recounts her experiences that have followed since her Saturn returning, a similar concept that other artists like SZA and Ariana Grande have been delving into, in their latest bodies of work.

“These women are in their thirties at the peak of their careers and going through these changes in their life,” shared Jentz. “It is really cool to just see and watch the world accept and embrace these changes, because it doesn’t happen often with women.”

“It is so fascinating that all of these artists are connecting to this celestial side of humanity,” expressed Gordon-Macy.

As Deeper Well begins to move up charts there are already rumors of potential Grammy nominations and wins for next year’s ceremony. Many other influential artists like Beyonce, Taylor Swift and Kanye West are set to release albums later this year, but competition has never stopped Musgraves before as she has previously taken home the award for Album of the Year against artists like Drake and Cardi B. 

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