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Athlete of the Week: Jenna Pierro

By Thomas Scavetta
Assistant Sports Editor

#3 midfielder Jenna Pierro is a senior Education major. Photo: Kimberly Toledo
#3 midfielder Jenna Pierro is a senior Education major.
Photo: Kimberly Toledo

Jenna Pierro is a midfielder on the women’s lacrosse team who is entering her senior season. Pierro has developed into one of the most consistent goal-scorers for the Pioneers. Prior to coming to LIU Post, she attended Sachem North High School, where she achieved all-division and all-tournament honors and helped the Flaming Arrows reach the playoffs in her junior and senior seasons.

Q: How long have you been playing lacrosse?
A: I’ve been playing lacrosse since second grade.

Q: What first got you into the sport?
A: I started playing through one of my neighbors who played men’s lacrosse. Also, one of my friend’s dad started a Redskins lacrosse team where I started playing with some older girls.

Q: What are some areas of strength for the team and things that need improvement?
A: One area of strength is that we have a lot of attackers that can do different things. We also have a really strong defense. I think working together and being focused have kept us all on the same page, but I think we just need to work on our ride and being together throughout the season.

Q: What goes through your mind while on the field?
A: Just playing my game. I try not to let anything get in my way and I concentrate on what needs to be done. If something happens, I focus on the next play.

Q: How was playing with teammates who had a lot of championship experience beneficial to your game?
A: Playing behind them was awesome, but seeing how they played and looking up to them has made me and the other girls the players we are today and I’m hoping we could do the same for our underclassmen.

Q: Can you guys continue to build on your outstanding achievements of winning back-to-back National Championships in 2012-13?
A: It’s going to be tough, but this team has what it takes and we’re capable of making it there.

Q: How have your coaches prepared you and your teammates for the upcoming season?
A: They’ve prepared us well and all three of our coaches are taking the little steps and working with us on what we need to improve on from each game.

Q: What brought you here to Post?
A: Definitely the lacrosse program. I knew their lacrosse program was amazing and capable of winning championships and that’s the type of person I am. It’s also close to home and everything about the school is great.

Q: What’s the key to getting back to the NCAA Tournament and making another run at a championship?
A: If we just stay focused, take it game by game, and not let it get too far over our heads, I think it will all fall into place.

Q: Who do you most admire?
A: My parents because they always have my back through everything. They’ve always been there for me though the ups and downs by bringing me back up through tough times.

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