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Athlete of the Week: Joe Calderone

athlete of the week
Photo by Kimberly Toledo

By Thomas Scavetta
Assistant Sports Editor

Freshman Joseph Calderone is one of the many fresh faces on the newly re-instated LIU Post wrestling team, currently on its first season. Calderone is a Physical Education major with a minor in Psychology from Huntington Station, N.Y., and one of the team’s standouts on the mat.

Q: How have you grown since the beginning of the season?

A: In the beginning, I was very nervous and I didn’t know what to expect. It’s normal for most freshmen to feel that way, but I feel like I’ve matured a lot since I’ve been here. I’m a lot quicker, stronger and smarter on the mat. The sport has become a lot more fun for me.

Q: What are some of the strengths and weaknesses of the team?

A: I think we’re a hardworking team with a strong work ethic. The down part is that we’re a young team and I don’t think we have the confidence that we exactly need yet, but it’s starting to come around.

Q: What’s your opinion on having Johnny Brush as the captain of the team?

A: John’s been a tremendous help and he’s a great role model for us. He shows us what hard work really is and he’s just an amazing person. It’s exciting to see him wrestle.

Q: As a freshman, how do the upperclassmen help you prepare for matches?

A: They never show any fear and they just go out there, wanting to win. That trait definitely carried over to me. I saw how confident they were out there and they just wanted to compete.

Q: What brought you to LIU Post?

A: I heard that Post recently got a wrestling team and Coach Patrovich came up to me and said, “I’d love for you to join my team.” I wanted to stay local and seeing him come here made me think it was a perfect fit.

Q: When did you first begin to wrestle?

A: I started in fourth grade, but I started getting serious with it in ninth grade.

Q: Do you think Post’s wrestling program is headed in the right direction?

A: I do. Unfortunately our head coach got sick, but our assistant coaches have helped us tremendously. They stepped up to the plate and turned this team around.

Q: Whom do you admire most?

A: Georges St. Pierre. He is a two-time UFC World Heavyweight Champion. He is very humble and shows how to handle [oneself] well.

Q: Plans after graduating?

A: I want to be a Physical Education teacher or think about joining MMA. I definitely want to coach wrestling and help kids become successful.

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