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Back by Popular Demand: The WCWP Scavenger Hunt

By Jeniel Terrero
Staff Writer

The campus radio station, WCWP, will be re-hosting another hunt with the help of LIU Promise. Teams of four had to register at the radio station by March 26. However, the actual event will run from March 30 to April 2. The winning team will be announced during WCWP’s Midday Madness program on Monday, April 6. Each member of the winning team will be rewarded a $100 gift card.

During last year's hunt. Photo courtesy of WCWP
During last year’s hunt.
Photo courtesy of WCWP

Program director and assistant station manager of WCWP, Christina Kay, believes the scavenger hunt is a good way to promote student participation on campus. “What’s great is that we get our name out there. We have station members participating, but a lot of the other clubs, groups, and Greek life organizations on campus are also getting involved with it,” Kay said.

This event is a way to have students explore their own campus, and go to areas where they wouldn’t normally go. Along with campus participation, students will also have an opportunity to boost their school’s image on social media. “They’re having fun, and using this hunt as an excuse to go on Instagram and post pictures,” Kay added.

In order to get other students to participate, the WCWP staff encourages their students to reach to people they know in other clubs and organizations on campus in hopes that people will find the idea appealing.

Kay also gave credit to Samantha Augustine, the public relations director at WCWP. “She was really the one who took the reigns on coming up with the scavenger hunt [last year].” Kay said that Augustine created the list of activities for the scavenger hunt, and planned for the event with Dan Cox, the WCWP station manager.

“They came up with the design of the shirts, and the hashtags the students would use on social media [to mark their findings],” she said.

Samantha Negron, a sophomore Broadcasting major, participated in last year’s scavenger hunt, and registered with a team to do so again this semester. Negron first heard about the scavenger hunt through her membership with the station at their monthly meetings. She also has had to promote the event on her Midday Madness Program at the radio station, which has only made her more excited for the event.

Working at the station made Negron’s decision to participate even easier, especially since it’s creating a friendly rivalry between her friends at the station. “I just want to beat the sports department and my boyfriend who are on the same team. I thought it would make for a funny competition,” Negron said.

Negron also believes participating in the scavenger hunt is a great way of connecting with others. “Students should join because they will get involved on campus, they get to bond with friends, perhaps increase Instagram followers, and ultimately have the opportunity to win $100 each. Who doesn’t like free money?”

When commenting on the overall experience of the scavenger hunt, Kay explained that it is just fun to see the way people interact with one another. “I was actually really blown away with the creativity people would put into their pictures from last year’s hunt. There were people who joined groups and didn’t know their teammates prior to the hunt, so for them it was just a fun way to socialize and meet people.”

To witness the scavenger hunt activities, head over to the WCWP radio station between March 30 and April 2. You can also look for updates on their Instagram account.

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