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Bakery Review: Crumbs

Olivia Wicik


5 Glen Cove Road

Greenvale, N.Y.

Crumbs offers an extensive variety of perfectly-made, delectable cupcakes. They are not your ordinary cupcakes either – they are larger and tastier than any cupcake you’ve ever had. With flavors ranging from chocolate-covered strawberry, to red velvet, to caramel apple and toasted coconut, the worst part of your Crumbs experience will be having to choose just one! (Although, if you don’t mind the 300-500 calories per cupcake, you can have more!)

Lucky for us Post students, a new bakery just opened up on Glen Cove Road, right in the Moe’s parking lot. Not only are they offering their scrumptious cupcakes, but you get a free hot or iced coffee with your purchase as well (Only for a limited time, I assume). Unfortunately, there are no tables for guests to sit at and enjoy their cupcakes, neither in the store nor outside. Hopefully, that is just because the store is new.

The cupcake of the week when I went was “milkshake,” and it was a delicious mix of moist marble cake and rich chocolate and vanilla icing with chocolate sprinkles on top. If you’re a chocolate lover, like me, I would definitely go for it! Crumbs offers different flavors seasonally, and you can be sure to find a flavor that suits you every time you go! They offer packages of mini-cupcakes that make a great gift as well as extra-large cupcakes that even make a great birthday cake. Of course, they offer a wide range of cookies as well, but I would definitely suggest the cupcakes.

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