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Baseball Fans Ready for MLB Offseason

By Mariah Musto, Staff Writer

The MLB offseason can be a stressful and exciting time for those passionate about the team’s outcome that they are rooting for. The bartering, trading, and signing that goes on during the offseason can elicit many feelings for those who are paying attention, as fans of all 30 Major League clubs have an emotional stake in what tactics their teams take to set themselves up for the upcoming season. 

Since we are  in New York, many of LIU’s students have a vested interest in the New York Mets or Yankees. Jason Glickman,  a senior Broadcasting major and Mets fan, is skeptical of their ability to go the distance. “I hope they win the world series, but I know they’ll disappoint me.” 

The disappointment expressed by Mets fans seems to be a common sentiment. Eddie McQuade, a senior sports management major, said that he is a “Mets fan (sadly)”. McQuadefeels that with Steve Cohen in charge, there is much more potential 

“Now that Steve Cohen is the new owner, I think there’s going to  be a lot of changes, and some have already occurred. Cohen already cleaned out the front office, which I’m happy with because I thought Brodie trading for Diaz and Cano set the team back five years,” he said. “I remember saying when the rumors were floating around regarding that trade, it would be a mistake.”

 It is clear that Met’s fans are not enthralled with the decisions made by the team, However, it does seem that the Met’s have made somewhat of a dent in their reputation and made some positive changes for this upcoming season.

As for the New York Yankees, it seems similar feelings are in the air amongst fans. Anthony Cavaretta, a senior broadcasting major does not think the Yankees will do much this offseason.“Probably nothing and just resign everyone and try again next year,” he said. Though Cavaretta was disappointed with the team’s decisions, he did share some hopes for the Yankees’ improvement. “I would like the team to build a better pitching rotation, as that is the last piece we need to win a championship,” he said.

The two New York professional baseball teams disappointed their fans so far during this offseason. However, all three fans seem to remain optimistic about their team’s future, so long as they make the right decisions. The season starts up again in April. Around this time next year, we will know if these predictions were accurate. 

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