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Bathroom Blues

Last updated on Mar 22, 2017

By Thomas Asbaty
Staff Writer

Brookville Hall and some of the academic buildings as well, have been getting a lot of heat lately regarding the cleanliness of bathrooms. Students are complaining that the bathrooms aren’t kept up and taken care of on a regular basis.

The Pioneer The main floor bathroom in Humanities Hall
The Pioneer
The main floor bathroom in Humanities Hall

Junior criminal justice major and Brookville Hall resident Joe Lacy said, “They do clean the bathrooms weekly, but I don’t believe they use bleach, because it smells in there all the time and there are bugs and mold in the showers.”

Lacy added that when students are showering there are little flies flying around. The flies are attracted to the water puddles on the ground.

Keeping public bathrooms clean is difficult in college residence halls, but when you have one bathroom for 30-plus guys on the second floor of Brookville, it is probably much harder.

Senior broadcasting major and Brookville Hall resident Kylie Garret said, “Sometimes I can’t even shower in there, it is so gross. The sinks and toilets are just cleaned with hot water and nothing else; there is hair everywhere.”

Hair is one of the top complaints from the women who live on campus. They have also complained that the sinks and toilets are just cleaned with water and not soap, along with an ongoing fly problem.

“I have been at Post for three years now and I have had the same shower curtains, which is disgusting,” Lacy said.

Garret is not pleased with how the bathroom situation is being handled on campus. “When I wake up at ‘8ish,’ the bathrooms are fine, but by the time I get to the dorm around 5 p.m., the bathroom is a mess and just gross,” Garret said.

Garret feels that the dorm bathrooms should be cleaned at least twice a day or checked in the afternoon. “We pay a lot of money to go to this school and we don’t deserve to have mold and flies in our showers and dirty sinks,” Lacy said.

The R.A.’s of Brookville Hall refused to answer questions about the bathroom situation.

In addition to the dormitory bathrooms, students arrived on campus for classes on Monday, March 6, to find the women’s restroom in Humanities Hall uncleaned, over flowing with garbage and without toilet paper. After professors called the facilities department, the bathroom was cleaned by the afternoon.

According to Bill Kirker, Director of Facilities Services, all residence hall bathrooms are cleaned daily. “My office works to coordinate with RAs, Campus Life coordinators, and A&A – the company that supplies cleaning staff – to ensure that reported issues are addressed as quickly as possible and we always encourage students to let us know if something needs immediate attention.”


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