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Being Frank With Fred: Lollipop Chainsaw

Freddie Schwartz
Staff Writer

Do you like going on a chainsaw rampage against hordes of the undead while listening to a soundtrack including “Oh Mickey Your So Fine” by Toni Basil? Would you like your main character to be a popular cheerleader that was raised by a family of zombie hunters? Well, Lollipop Chainsaw may be for you. The game may look absolutely ridiculous but it’s actually stylish, quirky, and just insane.

The game is hack and slash with mini-games, quick time events, and a score. Juliet, a popular cheer¬leader who is secretly a zombie hunter, lives in a town overrun by zombies thanks to an evil high school Goth named Swan, who summoned five zombie overlords to destroy the world. Juliet’s boyfriend was attacked by a zombie and she saves his life by cutting off his head so the virus wouldn’t turn him into the undead. Basically, for the whole game, the guy’s head is hanging like keychain on Juliet’s clothes. Believe me, this game is not at all serious, it’s just so stupid that’s its funny.

The weapon of choice to kill zombies is a chainsaw while performing acrobatic moves to stun enemies. As you go on, you can buy new attacks and upgrade your character to deal more unique attacks like spinning in the air as you decapitate all the zombies in one swoop. Also, the zombies change from each stage. Sometimes there are zombie football players or farmers which add a lot of variety. One of my favorites is the boss battles. Each is different in style and how you defeat them. One is a punk rocker that would shout words at you (quite literally) and scream tons of profanity. The soundtrack is awesome with lots of metal and punk music playing to ramp up the game as you slaughter hundreds of zombies.

However, there are some drawbacks. The mini games aren’t that great. The worst is zombie base-ball because the control for this section was done so poorly. I had to re-due this mini game multiple times before I was able to move on. The other mini games like zombie basketball, Nick Toss, and a few others are not too bad but they could have been a little less repetitive. There is nothing innovative about this game. It’s just taking your basic killing zombie genre with some flare and a mainstream style. The achievements aren’t worth much except for the costumes and there is no multiplayer so you’ll be moving on from this game rather soon. The biggest issue is that the game is really short, only a couple of hours. It uses extreme amounts of profanity and has a lot of sexual themes, which is not a bad thing, but for those of you who don’t like these themes, you may not like the game too much. This is NOT a game to give your little brother or your grandma for the holidays.

It’s a good game overall with some flaws and it doesn’t have much longevity. It was released at around $60 and it would make more sense to be $30 or $40. I’d say wait for the price to drop or just rent. I give this silly and extremely outrageous but sadly short game a 5.6/10.

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