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Beyond The Lecture Hall

By Joseph Iemma
Staff Writer

Dr. Glynis Pereyra, Dean of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Dr. Glynis Pereyra, Dean of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Photo: Janisha Sanford

On April 22, LIU Post is hosting its third annual “Post and Beyond” showcase, an event that provides graduate and undergraduate students the opportunity to present their own research to their peers. The event will be held in the Tilles Center, and is open to all students who wish to attend.

The one-day showcase features PowerPoint and poster board presentations created by students to explain their own independent research on a topic of their choice. With help from a mentor, typically a faculty member or an independent mentor, students present their research work. Students from outside the university may attend the showcase, as well. By asking questions and viewing the conducted research in person, undecided students or those having second thoughts on their career choice can find an area that interests them.

“It is similar to a poster session held at a professional research conference. Students attending may see a [profession] that they would like to be involved in,” said Glynis Pereyra, the Assistant Dean of the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, and the organizer of the event.

According to Pereyra, students must take certain steps to have their work presented at “Post and Beyond.” First, they must fill out an application on the “Post and Beyond” section of the website, This application includes all the basic information such as first and last name, student ID, and of course, the subject of research that the student wishes to present.

“These applications are reviewed by a committee of faculty.” Pereyra continued, “and if the committee believes the student should revise their proposal for research, the students are asked to revise the proposal.” After receiving approval from the committee, the student, with help from their mentor, begins the research. The seven to nine week period between approval and showcase day (which varies since some project ideas are approved before others) is grueling, as students are asked to provide extensive research on their topic, while at the same time adjust their research into a brief but detailed presentation. On showcase day, “Students and faculty attending the event get the chance to see the hard work and the important work that our students do throughout the process,” Pereyra said.

Ismael Nehhas, a sophomore Chemistry major, attended the “Post and Beyond” event last year. “The program really helped me see where I was at when it came to my career choice, and sort of [re]affirmed to me that chemistry was the right choice for me in large part because of the chemistry presentations on display at the event.” Sal Greco, a sophomore Chemistry major, showed his appreciation for the event. “I think it’s awesome that students go out of their way to showcase their findings with other students.”

Twenty-nine students participated in the showcase last year, with topics ranging from American history, to the branches of science, Western literature, and politics. Although no students have applied for this year’s “Post and Beyond” program yet, Pereyra said that students have until March 8 to register. “I remain optimistic that we won’t just match our number of attendees from last year, but we will surpass that number,” she said.

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