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Black Ice Coats Campus

By Adam Hornbuckle & Jada Butler
Staff Writer & Assistant News Editor 

After the snow storm on Thursday, Feb. 9 and the recent freezing rain on Sunday, Feb. 12, the icy campus pathways and stoops have become hazardous, according to students who attempted to navigate them. Because the average temperature has been in the low thirties, Chipmunk Trail has turned into Chipmunk rink, students have said. Many students have also cited icy resident hall stoops as a major concern.

Photo by Caroline Ryan
Photo by Caroline Ryan

“I almost slipped and fell on the stairs outside my dorm this morning while I was going to my 8 a.m. class,” Skylar Hornak, a sophomore art therapy major said, on Monday, Feb. 13. “They were covered in black ice! I’d really appreciate it if someone could take care of this situation so it doesn’t happen again,” Hornak said.

“The black ice around campus causes so many problems this time of year,” Kames Davis, a sophomore business major, said “Many students are often running late to their early morning classes because the sidewalks have yet to be salted in the early morning. Students are rushing and often putting themselves in danger on the slippery sidewalks. On Tuesday the sidewalks didn’t appear to be salted until after common hour. By the time the sun sets, there is new ice on the ground causing more danger to students returning to night classes,” Davis said.

Beth Funfgeld, Service Response Coordinator for Facilities Services said, “When we receive calls reporting areas that are slippery or icy, groundsmen are immediately dispatched to salt those areas.”

“We want to make sure students can get in and out of the dorms and use the roads in regards to the continual plowing in parking lots and roads on campus.”

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