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Bok Review: The Lucky One

Nicole Ramlogan

Nicholas Sparks – The Lucky One

Over the years, Nicholas Sparks has become a very popular author and not only because many of his books have been made into movies, such as A Walk To Remember, The Notebook, The Last Song and Dear John.  In all of his novels, he gives his readers almost a sweet escape, and we watch these beautiful love stories unfold.   We fall in love along with the characters, and get wrapped up in how the boy is instantly infatuated with the girl, yet she resists because she’s just not interested or never expected anything but a friendship, but then they end up falling in love somehow.

One of the best things about Sparks as an author is that, while his books may have happy endings, they are in no way fairy tales. There is always a struggle, and sometimes, there are even tragedies. This makes his novels more realistic to his readers.

I am a big fan of all of his novels, and I love watching them come to life in the movies.  The Lucky One is by far one of his best novels; it is addicting.  I finished it in two days.  This story is about a U.S. Marine who finds a picture of a girl; he has no idea who she is.  Yet, he still carries the picture with him everywhere.  Surprisingly, this picture brings him a lot of luck, and he overcomes several obstacles that others were struggling with. He searches for years until he finds the girl in the picture.  I can’t give away the ending, but trust me; this book is totally worth reading.  I was so intrigued with this love story, mostly because it is very different.

This book is actually being made into a movie, with Zac Efron as the lead, which Is due out this spring, and nothing is better than watching the book that plays out in your head made into a movie.  I highly recommend this book; it was not hard to finish at all and can definitely fit into your hectic schedules.

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