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Book Review: Something Borrowed, By: Emily Giffin

Olivia Wicik

This book is a perfect college girl read. This book brings up a lot of questions that we’ve all faced at one point in our adult lives – questions about trust, loyalty, and, of course, love. Rachel is a goody-two-shoes, who happens to be best friends with her polar opposite, Darcy, who is a New York City publicist and socialite. The two have been best friends since grade school, where their friendship began on a foundation of schoolgirl jealousy and drama. Although they remained friends up until their adult lives, the relationship always remained kind of rocky. However, being in the limelight, Darcy always has Rachel to fall back on. When Rachel meets picture perfect Dex, she introduces him to Darcy, convincing herself he is way too perfect for her. Flash-forward a few years, and Darcy and Dex are engaged. After Rachel’s 30th birthday party, where she had one too many drinks and ends up in bed with Dex, her true feelings for him start to reveal themselves. This rendezvous is just the beginning of a series of events and questions that progress throughout the book. Should Rachel follow her heart and ruin the one true friendship she has always known? With unexpected twists throughout, this book keeps you turning the page and wanting more.

Two and a Half Men’s New Season

Byline:Paul Kalis

Two and a Half Men, the CBS show staring Jon Cryer (Allen Harper) and Angus T. Jones (Jake Harper), welcomes Ashton Kutcher (Walden Schmidt) as it enters its ninth season, following the departure of Charlie Sheen (Charlie Harper). Jon Cryer has said “all of us on the set keep referring to the first episode back as the “pilot” by mistake.”

I think it appropriate to review the show as if it really was starting over from the very beginning. Allen has had the worst luck with life. He has been divorced, and his brother, Charlie, died in a subway accident. On top of that, he is about to become homeless with a teenage son. A billionaire, Walden, walks up to his brother’s beach house after trying to commit suicide and soon offers to buy it after a friendship forms. CBS certainly pulled out all the stops for the premiere, including guest appearances from John Stamos, Jenna Elfman, Thomas Gibson as Dharma, and Greg Montgomery. However, the humor fell flat and was very disrespectful to the beloved and dead character. Chuck Lorre, the creator of Two and a Half Men, and CBS certainly took an ample amount of shots at Charlie at his funeral, listing the sexually transmitted diseases he had given ex-girlfriends. His fiancée and mother seemed to care even less.

Kutcher, in my mind, will be forever known as Kelso from “That 70’s Show.” He delivered his lines identically, and I could not take his character seriously. He was just pulling a Kelso. I was just waiting for him to yell, “burn!” It’s great that Two and a Half Men has had a new breath of life pumped into it, as it was salvaged from the cancellation heap. The 27.8 million viewers for the season premiere won’t retain. Typically, episodes bring in 12 million. Lorre has stated, “I would never buy that show” as a new pitch, and neither do I, which is why this show has been burned by Kelso with a D.

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